Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sara reminisces about: JUNE

It's time for my monthly round-up of the goings on for the month of June, in both virtual and non-reality. Wait, what...? ANYWAYS!

+New blogs I've found and enjoyed:
- Dances With Fat by Ragen Chastain is my utmost favorite body positive-type blog around so far.

- A big "Thank You!" to Mille Makes for supplying the world with an awesome granny square pattern (which I now have memorized).

- I'm liking Snooglerat's Randomness, she's got wicked eyeshadowy ways and adorable pet goats!

+My favorite post this month:
Oh jeez, do I have to pick?! On Matt's birthday and I made yummy whoopie pies. I went to see Chicago. I got to explore to a mint-condition vintage pink kitchen. Good times!

+Movies I've watched:
Ok, not a movie buuuutttt, I got caught up on True Blood season 3 just in time for the new season. I need to do likewise on Dexter...

+Creepiest Clown
"I'm Depressed"

+YouTube videos that made me teehee:
- What Girls Do on the Internet

- SNL with Elton John "The Silver Screen"

- Simon's Cat (You must watch all of them!)

+Other Required Viewing:
- Which fish are ok to eat?
- First screen shots of The Hobbit!
- Get your learn on about sun screen, because you're probably doing it wrong.

+Notable pins:
- Even though the pattern is in an international standard and is a total pain-in-the-ass, I WILL figure out how to make these.

- SWEET! I can has frappe everyday now?!

- This one got a lot of flack on Pinterest, but it's funny. And YAY! Victory in NYC!

- Lookit these delicious looking cookies I'm gonna make.

- Squirrel! I have the perfect acorn charms!
Source: via Sara on Pinterest

+Exciting happenings IRL:
- HARRY POTTER! My local IMAX theatre is already sold out...
- Discovered some potentially very awesome local tattoo artists.
- Met the Stonewall Democrats of Arkansas and heard Governor Beebe speak (sort of) on LGBT issues.

+Relevant Photos:

Prettiest doorknob ever (from the pink kitchen house!)

Pride month, even in Arkansas.

Poodle puppies at an estate sale. The one in the red collar looks pretty concerned...

Special preview of an upcoming super special thing! (reference)

So what were your totally awesome haps in June?

Here's to a rowdy but safe Independence Day!

Special homage to Yarnell's, a icecream company based in Arkansas that closed it's doors on June 30th. I don't know what the fuck I'm supposed to do now, because Granny likes Yarnell's French Vanilla (it has to be French, not that whorey Homemade Vanilla) EVERYDAY for desert. Not only that, but I feel like a part of my childhood died. *sobs*

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

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  1. yay, pink kitchen! (that doorknob is amazing)
    yay, tattos!
    yay, HP!
    sad, yarnells :(