Friday, January 28, 2011

Sara's feelin sexy: TOP 5 PLUS-SIZE LINGERIE SHOPS

(Image from, and daaaammmnnnnn)  

Love it, hate it, or indifferent about it- Valentine's Day is fast approaching! This time of year, one is bombarded with all sorts of stimulating inspiration. However, regardless of one’s relationship status or sentiments on the over-commercialized, be-laced, puke-fest that is V-Day, the fact remains that underwear is important.

That's right. Fierce, sexy goddamn underwear can be a big ego boost- especially when said undies are flattering, functional, and the right price. For us divas with a little extra (ifyaknowwhatImeanandIthinkyoudo), the available offerings are somewhat more limited. But fear not gentle readers and BBW admirers! I give you, after YEARS of combing the interwebs and pouring myself into frilly things in the name of sexy...

Arguably Victoria’s older and wiser big sister, FOH carries sizes from Large-3X in lingerie and bra sizes from A-F.

Pros: Offers what Victoria’s Secret does not.
Cons: No plus-size models. Panty category is mixed with plus-sizes (1X-3X) and regular sizes (s-xxl).  
My Picks: Satin Heart Back G-String Panty and Hollywood Dream Corset
This site has a little bit of everything from accessories to clothing and everything in-between. Not much in the way of bras/panties, but hosiery and lingerie galore.  

Pros: Caters to retro/rockabilly/indie/hipsters.
Cons: Deals largely in Leg Avenue and Dreamgirl… fun and racy, but ya get what ya pay for. Both cap at 275 lbs. or Queen, I believe.
My Picks: Pink and Black Waist Cincher and Layered Tulle Mini-Petticoat
Most should be familiar with Lane Bryant. Bra sizes range from C-F, lingerie offerings from a size 12-28 (pants size).

Pros: Usually have sales, coupons, and reward programs going on. High quality bras/undies.
Cons: Lingerie category is seasonal and small. Tends to be more decorative than functional (see: waist cinchers that don’t really cinch). Also, their bustiers for some reason always look horrid on me (I'm 5'4).
My Picks: Striped Garter Belt  and Pink and Black Mesh Bodysuit

2.) Torrid
Torrid is a sister-company of Hot Topic and is geared toward the teen-20’s diva. Sizes range from 14-26 (pants size) with some items in a size 12 and 30/32. Bras run C-DDD.

Pros: Good range in the intimates category to suit different styles with a fairly wide selection. Often have sales and promotions. Also, wide width sexy shoes! :)
Cons: Similar to Leg Avenue and Dreamgirl, price point is good… but ya get what you pay for. And some of their lingerie styles don’t seem very supportive of larger busts.
My Picks: Nude and Black High-Waisted Shaping Panty and Ivory Skull Corset

Well-deserving of #1. I ogle this website often. Very body-positive. Easy to navigate. High quality, but good prices. Sizes generally run 16-28 (pants size). Bra sizes around C-DDD.

Pros: Quality, functional corsets ladies and gentlemen!!! Leather offerings. Gorgeous skirts and accessories. Fantasy costumes offered year-round. Cup-less and shelf bras that actually work for big boobies.
Cons: Panty section is somewhat limited. Also carries a lot of Dreamgirl.
My Picks: ALL THE FOXY SKIRTS! and Long Gown Peignoir Set

(** = also carries "regular" sizes)

Stay tuned for: Even sexier stuff! That Adult Content warning ain't on there for nothin!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sara ponders what to do with: OLD KEYS

Between moving my whole family and cleaning out new rental properties (my bread n' butter, as it were), I have amassed a growing collection of old house keys. Being thrifty, crafty, and attracted to shiny things, I find it difficult to just throw them away. So now the obvious question is- what the hell to do with them?

After about 30 seconds of Googling, I have come up with two crafty possibilities... *DRUM-ROLL*

Jewelry or wind chimes! And I probably have enough keys to do both!

Arguably, the use of old house keys as jewelry or wind chimes could be gloriously steam punk-ish... or right up there with gluing dry pasta to a piece of construction paper. I'm hoping for the former rather than the latter.

Exhibit A: Hardware Jewelry and Old Keys

Exhibit B: Bike Punk Wind Chime

Suggestions are welcome! And, to allude to my previous post, antique keys are definitely a hot item to find at estate sales or any other junkin adventure.

See also: PART II of "what to do with old keys..."

Stay turned for: Eventual results of key crafting!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sara says somethin about: ESTATE SALES

Three-ish years ago, you couldn't have dragged me to an estate sale. They creeped me out for one. There's a somber "This person may be dead and I'm digging through their stuff" feeling at times. There's many houses I've been through where you can definitely see a life flash before your eyes. For two, I have a Granny (with a capital "G"), and I couldn't imagine hawking her precious vintage stuff. I mean, like, hundred-year-old family PHOTOS?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!?!?!

But some of you gentle readers may be going, "Wait, WTF is an estate sale?" The folks over at Pennsylvania Trading Co., a local estate sale company, sum it up nicely: "Estate sales are open to the public with no cost to enter and shop. Typically each item in the house is arranged for sale and priced somewhere between yard-sale prices and retail. Companies usually accept cash or check and a few will accept credit card payment. An estate sale is held to clear out possessions for a variety of reasons: significant downsizing of a home, death in a family, an out of state or country move... or any number of circumstances that leave people with a significantly greater amount of household items than they can keep."

I'd like to think of it as slightly more boojy junkin than going to a garage sale. While any kind of junkin is fun for me, estate sales are a tad more convenient (but you pay a higher price for that convenience).

So, what changed my opinion on estate sales? Mostly a developing taste for thrifting and vintage. I also collect these damn things, which I can find at almost every house I venture to. They're cheap, fun to hunt for, somewhat useful, and pretty! I also like to think that I'm "rescuing" and appreciating peoples personal items- a philosophy that helps to ease any "creepy".

Today I dropped by a sale by ANNA'S ESTATE SALES, on Overlook DR in Little Rock. I like this company because they have minions that tooddle around in golf carts and haul people to the estate sale house (and it makes me feel superior to walk instead). Now, usually sales are open Friday-Sunday, sometimes on Thursday... but today is WEDNESDAY! Folks... it must be good.

Ok, so it turns out that this is the type of sale/house that people may imagine when you say "estate sale". This was easily a $1 million piece of property, at least. 2 kitchens (3 fridges), double staircase, billiard room, library, gym (in a downstairs man cave no less), a pool, a fountain, and a ridiculous view. They don't call it Overlook for nothing!

Unfortunately, the prices matched the scenery- but, it was a fun house to walk through.

(^These are cute!^)

(^Why not? Oh, because it's $200.^)

(^Sweeping staircases! "OH RHETT!"^)

(^Funny-faced fountain.^)


Stay tuned for: Junkin Tips! Local Arkansas thrifty hot spots! Whimsy!