Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sara shares: MORE JUNK!

The junkin scene has been a little kinder to me the past couple of weeks. Now, y'all know I love the kitsch and this haul demonstrates that beautifully! Observe!

I'm a 2nd generation Trekkie, I'll admit it. The original series being the best, of course! I snatched this awesome record duo at an estate sale. I really just love the art on the sleeve sooo much!


front detail

Uhura on the back

This is a beauitful costume jewelry set I found at an antique mall. It's a shell inlay pendant and ring, with a red and turquoise cardinal! EEEEE! $4!!!

I've been wanting one of these for forever! It's a vintage bunny cotton ball holder! OMG! Mine's kind of plain and maybe 80's-tastic, but I luff him! He's sitting on a hankie I picked up at the same sale.

Finally, I picked up these tacky things at an antique mall. They're plastic aqua elephant hoops!

see them in action!

Hopefully the blessed season of Fall (I'm so happy) will bring on more junkin goodies! Have y'all found anything awesome lately?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sara says: LET ME OUT!

I'm so excited that it's finally Fall!!! To celebrate, I'm gonna put all my clowns in one basket.

Or box, as it were.

God, they look like they're trying to escape, crawl inside my head, and haunt my dreams forever...

From the same sale, this is a metal sign/plate from some kind of carnival game. Looks like he hasn't seen much action or, possibly, everyone just missed. Evasive little bastard.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend. And remember, when shooting clowns (as with zombies) be sure to double-tap.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


(seriously, clicky the link above, it's part of this complete balanced breakfast)

I haven't done a craftastic post in awhile. Here's a roundup of the different kinds of string I've been playing with.

I've been itchin to do some stichin... ok that was pretty bad. But, no really! Behold my magical, whimsical creation!
"I reject your reality & substitute my own"

unicorns I love them...

I'm pretty proud of her! I changed the pattern a bit, which you can find at Aimee Ray's flickr. The quote is from The Office and I totally free-handed the words (which you can probably tell, but I like how messy it looks, very Fractured Fairy Tales). This is the first embroidery piece I've ever done and I heart it.

Other awesome unicorn embroidery patterns to indulge your inner child (or literal one if you, you know, have one):
-Sublime Stitching
-This one from Sunshine and Carousels

I've also been crocheting my little fingers to the bone. I crafted a skinny scarf for myself and made my first little amigurumi friend!

First, my funky yarn creation. I love making skinny scarves. They are versatile and make quick n' easy gifts. I made one for myself out of Amazing (Aurora) by Lion Brand and Pom Pom (Confetti) by Loops and Threads.

As an added stupid detail, there's little tabs on the end (that glow in the dark, that's the stupid part) to button the ends of the scarf together. Glow in the dark feature brought to you by a discontinued Bernat yarn from a couple of Halloweens ago. :<

Then I made my ami from this super sweet book.

He's a narwhal! Eeeeee! He's not perfect, but I luff him. Ana Paula Rimoli has other lovely patterns to be found on her blog! I'm definitely gonna check out her other books too, the instructions are so easy A SARA CAN DO IT!

Amigurumis kind of intimidated me at first, but now I'm totally empowered! Lookit the pattern I picked up this morning from Syppah!
Source: etsy.com via Sara on Pinterest

That's about it for the moment! I think the Fall weather has totally turned on my crafty-ness. What are you working on?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sara sings: I AM MINE

Title is one of my favorite songs...

My beau, Matt, and I just left the one night screening of PJ20, a lovely rockumentary celebrating the 20-year anniversary of Pearl Jam's seminal album - Ten.

I would just like to take a moment, while it's still fresh in my mind, to reflect on exactly what Pearl Jam has meant to me for the past decade of my life.

My father and I had a difficult relationship at times. After the age of 7, I only really saw him every other weekend. But somehow, miraculously (no really, it's a fucking miracle) we connected when we shared music. He lived almost two hours away from me, so when we'd commute back and forth we would turn it up to 11 in his way overpriced (but epic) Alpine stereo. Mostly the classic rock station, which seemed oddly repetitive and I just kind of tuned the majority of it out. In the early 2000's, Dad started picking up more contemporary stuff. I was about 16.

I should probably credit my step-mother for that. She loved the movie City of Angels, which lead to Iris, which lead to the Goo Goo Dolls. The first album that really got us going was Dizzy Up the Girl by the Goo Goo Dolls. That album started what would become an ongoing conversation between my dad and I. But Ten, that album, made us really connect. Experiencing Ten together germinated a kind of emotional intimacy that my dad and I never had before. Our favorite song off of Ten was Black.

I know that's EVERYONE'S favorite goddamn song, but it's not just Eddie Vedder ripping his dark emotions from his chest that makes Black my favorite. I have memories of my dad hand writing the lyrics out on a piece of paper and handing them to me. I can see his handwriting in my head still. And we talked about it- what the song meant.

Ooh, and all I taught her was everything
Ooh, I know she gave me all that she wore
And now my bitter hands chafe beneath the clouds
Of what was everything?
Oh, the pictures have all been washed in black, tattooed Everything...

I was so fortunate that Pearl Jam toured to my hometown in 2003. My dad, Matt, and I went and had a blast. They didn't play Black, but it was still more of a gift than I would realize. It would be the first and last time Matt would meet my father.

Pearl Jam's Five Horizons Tour Poster (2003)

My Dad passed away in 2004. I played Black at his funeral.

Pearl Jam's Ten, a decade after it's release, brought my dad and closer together. As close as we would ever be. Ten gave me the words to send my dad off. I couldn't listen to Ten for about a year, but now when I hear it... it's like Dad's sitting right next to me. Especially when I'm driving down the road, wailing like Vedder at Lollapalooza.

Thank you Pearl Jam, from a life-long Ten Clubber. Here's to twenty more years.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


These two old chums were hanging out at an estate sale. I kind of feel  like I will never be the same again- which, of course, compels me to share my pain with the world.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sara says: BOO!

I'm getting revved up for Halloween. It's kinda my holiday. I would marry Halloween if I could. Be that as it may, I can't decide what to be this year. Here's a photo-dump from Pinterest of potential ideas.



Source: google.com via Sara on Pinterest

Funny Ladies

Witches, Vamps, and Clowns, OH MY!

A Little More Subtle

Holy Crap!
Source: google.com via Becky on Pinterest

Which ones are your favs? What are your Halloween haunt plans?

Sunday, September 11, 2011


This is a little hand-held pinball-type game from ye olden days that I recently found at an estate sale. The game itself was disappointingly solid black, but the packaging...

Yes, children, it's all about the packaging. Mr. Creepy Clown is trying to SELL YOU SOMETHING.  In reality, he looks like he is cackling at your tombstone.

I also love the teddy bears in the background.

Go, teddy, go!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sara says: WHAP!

This post may be NSFW unless your job is cool as hell.

Hello you beautiful people. I swear, every damn day, I get a hit from someone using the search term "bbw dominatrix". Well, I don't like to disappoint people, so I dug through my lovely Big Girls Don't Cry pinboard and shall supply what has been demanded! Actually, YOU should be supplying what I'M demanding, isn't that how this works? Anyways, let's start the week off right, shall we?

Here's some smexy BBWs looking mightly regal.

Source: None via Sara on Pinterest


Here's some useful Kinky Linkys:

+Hips and Curves: The BEST place for corsets, stockings, sexy clothings, and patent/leather for size sexy ladies.
+Twisted Monk: Simply the best, most accessible rope and rope bondage resource. He really cares about his product and knows his stuff.
+FetLife: the Facebook for freaks.
+Brief and fairly SFW, BDSM 101.
+Read toy reviews on Babeland, but buy them from Blowfish.

There that wasn't so bad, now was it?