Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Actually someone else said that too, and that brings me to a lovely indie makeup company I wanted to share with you guys! People, meet Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics!

Now I am not being reimbursed in any way and I purchased all of the products myself. I'm just really happy with my experience with this company and I think it's important that my fellow makeup geeks/enthusiasts support quality small businesses. That being said, ON TO THE GOODIES!

I purchased a full size of Gardens and samples of le Gateau, Marie, and Dupioni. They were kind enough to send along a sample of Louis for free! So nice of them! And they all arrived in this cute little box with a note that said, "Enjoy, Sara!" - a nice touch. I was also impressed by the full-size packaging. The eyeshadow was shrink wrapped in plastic and has a sifter inside (which also had a sticker seal). They also have a full ingredient listing on the label and include whether the shade is lip-safe or not. The website also lists whether a shade is vegan or not. Oh so helpful! The full size shadows run $5.00 and the samples run $0.75.

(L->R) le Gateau, Louis, Marie, and Gardens on the bottom

What made me really excited to try some of Antoinette's Revolution's eyeshadows was the color, Gardens. It's an asparagus green with a hint of blue. Lovely.
(L) Swatch with nothing underneath, (R) Swatch with NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk underneath

la Gateau is a soft, milky yellow with a very slight shimmer.
(L) Swatch with nothing underneath, (R) Swatch with NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk underneath

Louis is a bit of a purple chameleon. It can be a very soft, dusty, rather warm purple. Or a dark, fierce, plummy purple (clicky on the link for Louis above to see what I mean). It has a very noticable blue shimmer.
(L) Swatch with nothing underneath, (R) Swatch with NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk underneath

Dupioni is a cornflower blue with barely any shimmer. It can also be worn softly or look very striking.
(L) Swatch with nothing underneath, (R) Swatch with NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk underneath

Lastly, my second favorite is Marie. Marie is great to wear without a base to acheive a sweet blue shimmer. With a base it is a beautiful, almost sky blue.
(L) Swatch with nothing underneath, (R) Swatch with NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk underneath

All of 'em!

Now some of you may be pondering about loose pigments and eyeshadows. I'll admit, they weren't my favorite at first. They can be messy and not as easy to control. However, when you use a base they're a cinch! Here's how to make it do:

1.) Apply an eye primer, especially if you have oily skin. I like Urban Decay's Primer Potion, but in a pinch you can use some concealer or long-wear foundation.

2.) Apply a base for your loose shadow/pigment to stick to. I know it seems silly to apply both a primer and a base, but trust me. A white base will make the colors pop (try a black base for super fun times!). I like NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, but you can also use MAC Paint Pots (try Painterly), or any white/pale creamy shadow. The key is to be light colored and slightly sticky, but apply your base lightly so it doesn't crease (however, using a primer first should help prevent that). All's ya have to do now is blend your base/eyeshadow outward so you don't have a harsh line where your base/eyeshadow stops. You can do this gently with your finger.

3.) Use a flat shaped brush to pat on the shadow. You don't want to use a stiff brush (like for eyeliner) or a fluffy brush (like for sweeping on eyeshadow). Try Sonia Kashuk's small eyeshadow brush or MAC's #231. You could also probably get away with using a little spongey eyeshadow applicator, but work the product in well (swirl the applicator around in the lid of the product).


Now that your an expert at applying loosey-goosey eyeshadows and pigments, go check out Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics! :D

A look I wore yesterday featuring le Gateau on the bottom lash line

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Why hello there! Hope your weekend was satisfying. This is a follow up to the "What fairy-inspired look should I wear to my True Blood watch party?" post (clicky here for that). Thanks to all the Temptalia readers for visiting especially and everyone who voted (or attempted to). I'm sad my little poll widget didn't hold up but I just assumed the two pink looks I did were voted down and came up with something fantastic!

Annnndddd I just went for rainbow sparkle funtimes. Can't go wrong with that in Faery, amIright?!?!

Hope any Truebies out there have fun! I'm about to go partake of gumbo and cherry wheat beer!


At least that's what I'm calling him...

Ole' Green Hands hails from the midtown Goodwill. Children, it's always important to match your gloves to your boots in most professional circumstances.

Hope you had an awesome weekend. I'm off to revel in the season 4 premier of True Blood! Rawr!

Friday, June 24, 2011


**Edit 06/26 5:58pm** Well y'all, I just assumed the pinkie pie looks were voted down and came up with something different. Have a gander!

Hey guys! I am super pumped about the season 4 premier of True Blood this Sunday. To celebrate, I'll do what I always do... super sick makeup! I know I've been ON the makeup thing a lot, but it's good for me! For one, I have A LOT of fun makeups stashed and need to use that shit! For two, I love the artistry and impermanence of makeup. Crafting at your craft is usually a good thing to do.

So, makeup + True Blood! (<- Clicky the link to check out a fun new True Blood collection by Tarte!) I've decided to lighten up a bit since most of my steppin out looks are dark. Since the new season has a lot to do with Sookie and the fae, I'm going to attempt a fairy inspired look. For this look, I immediately thought PINK and GLITTER and GLOWY YELLOW! Here's what I've come up with.

Option #1:

(face chart)

Option #2:
(face chart)

(I added some yellow on the outer corner.)


These looks are my takes on Linda Mason's work from her fabulous book, Eye Candy. #1 is called "Urban Poet" (pg. 93) and #2 is "Punky" (pg. 61). Further plans are to accentuate the area around the eye with lots'o'glitters and do a mad lavender-ish lip.

Now, if you please, HELP ME OUT!

**Edit 06/26 8:12am** Well my poll keeps popping in and out, not sure why, but I'll go with a different poll widget next time! Jeez...that's annoying. Anyways! Tell me in the comments which look you like better! Or neither! Or both! :D

Do you have watch parties? What sorts of shenanigans do you put on in celebration of excellent television? Tell me in the comments and don't forget to VOTE! :D

Option #2 on the right, #1 on the left!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sara says: HELLO!

(Image credit:

I am just flabbergasted really. Dumbfounded! Awestruck! I'm just a silly girl from Arkansas and my silly blog has been visited over 1,000 times from all over the world. I just wanted to take a moment and say, "Thank you!" I've learned the geographic locations of countries I've never even heard of ("Bună" to Moldovia!).
In the grand scheme of the interwebs, my little piece of it is still relatively shiny and new. I hope to make Sara Says What?! a nifty place. It's been a really rewarding new gig for me thus far.

To celebrate, I added a little flag tracker thingy! It's down on the right side bar I can't wait to see where you all are coming from and learn more about YOU.



Sara says: REST IN PINK

My aunt was trying to purchase a house here in town last week. It was a repo with a listing price of $88k - 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms... and, to my infinite surprise and delight, a pink kitchen. I have a bit of an obsession with pink, though my house isn't a Hello Kitty crack shack, I promise! It's like my antidepressant. I particularly love the stylings of a 1950's pink kitchen. This one was perfect.

Me doing my 50's housewife pose?

My aunt lost out on the house; as you can imagine it was pretty competitive. It breaks my heart to think of this mint condition, gorgeous pink kitchen being torn to pieces. This post is my ode to it.

Source: via Sara on Pinterest


Monday, June 20, 2011


I almost forgot! I'm sure everyone's just on the edge of their seats wondering how my 1920's look turned out. Remember my friend, Citizen K, and I went to see Chicago last week?

What we wore!

Jazz Hands!

K's checkin her red lips!

K's makeup look.

My makeup look.

Feel my beguiling gaze!

With my glasses.


K. did an excellent job on our hair with finger waving fun times (considering the power went out for over an hour!) I'm only a bit sad that the mundane work/school stress had me all frazzled. BUT I WAS RAZZLE FRAZZLED!

The gist of what was on mah face:
Urban Decay 24/7 Liners (mostly Perversion, Stray Dog, Corrupt, Rockstar, and Bourbon)
Physician's Formula Mascara
Maybelline Liquid Mousse Foundation (not too bad...)
MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Powder
Physician's Formula Happy Booster Blush
MAC blush in Prism
Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick in Black Orchid (I <3 WnW's lippies and it was on sale for $.49!)
NYX Lipliner

Of course, I'm mostly makeup geeking out, but I was wearing a thrifted silk skirt and my top was from good ole' Target (bought a several years ago). I threw on a cutesy vintage hair clippy and borrowed a matchy sapphire necklace. Visit K's blog for further outfit breakdown (her shoes are adorbs!)

We were the best lookin dames in the crowd! Now what about you? Do you ever theme it up for an event?