Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sara's got: A ... "LOVELY" COCONUT

Hello people! I've been out of town this week, but I feel a good junkin post is due. I'll work on that today. Here's a bad junkin post for now. This little dude was at an estate sale. Wheeee!

Awww lookit his giddy little face and pointy, pointy head.
The bottom kinda looks like it was crafted by bear claws.

"Oh look hunny, what a lovely souvenir to remember our trip to Barbados by!" You know, island clowns. It totally happens. Do you know how many damn coconuts are just LYING AROUND for pete's sakes...

Have a good weekend! And wa-hoo! Shark Week starts today! Show me your teeth! <:)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sara says: RUN

We are overrun, y'all. Or rather, Saver's in the western persuasion of Little Rock is. Too many Creepy Thrifted Clowns. It doesn't make any sense.

Time for an overwhelming dump of photos! Be warned. It's pretty graphic...

I've got the whole world... under my ass.

Dear God...


"Wouldst ewe lyke a drank?"

"I'm gonna shamble on over this way wif your drank here", says Drunky McClown

There is an entire bin of these suckers. GLITTER PANTS!

Yeehaw! And friends, unicorn horn poaching is a serious issue.

Here's my foot. Do you like it?

So... have a nice weekend! Yeah... And try not to quake and quiver too much. They can smell fear. You'll only draw attention to yourself.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sara was visited by: ELVES

Y'all know I love makeup.

I also love being a cheap-ass frugal!

So when those powers combine... MAGIC! Elves are magic right...?

Well, the little elves at e.l.f. did not disappoint. I got a Target giftcard for my bday and I went crazy! Subsequently, I now have some fantastic drugstore, budget-friendly makeup geekery to bestow upon you.

First, I picked up some e.l.f. Essential Brightening Eye Color quads. They're $1 and fairly awesome.

(L-R) Silver Lining, Punk Funk, & Teal Dream

The colors are swatched in order from left to right. The lightest color on the fair left of each quad was consistently pretty powdery (the website says these are formulated with corn silk). Punk Funk is a clear winner here (the pink is AH-MAZING, could be a NARS shadow dupe I'm sure of it). These also come with sponge tip applicators, which I pretty much immediately tossed. Teal Dream is the one I would probably pass on, except that second color (which you can barely see in my swatches) is actually quite pretty. Any glitter mentioned is silver.

Silver Lining
Color description L-R: light purple frost, blurple matte with a little glitter, slate frost, lilac micro glitter)
Punk Funk

Color description L-R: white matte with slight pink shift, blue matte with a little glitter, purple matte, hot pink micro-glitter)
Teal Dream

Color description L-R: white metallic shimmer with glitter, very soft taupe frost, blue frost with a slight green shift, teal frost with a slight gold shift

Not too shabby for a dollar each! I've never used e.l.f. makeup before (except brushes) and I'm pleased as punch. There's a large range of colors available on the website. I also picked up an eyeliner brush which I LOVE and some green tea oil blotting sheets.

So, have you been visted by elves? Tell me all about it, because I so want to try more e.l.f.!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hello! I have more makeup geekery for you today, this time a manicure!

I found this lovely look on Pinterest, of course, from WAH Nails in London.

And here is my interpretation and what I used.

Base Coat / BONDER Rubberized Polish Gripping Basecoat
Base Color / MAC Nail Lacquer in Brown Bag
Blue / Sinful Colors in Fly Away
Hot Pink / China Glaze in Shocking Pink (Neon)
Yellow / Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Mellow Yellow
Aqua / Orly in Gumdrop
Green / Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Lickety-Split Lime
Top Coat /Orly Polishield

(left hand)

(right hand)  

I'm pleased as punch! My lines aren't as thin as the WAH Nails rendition. I didn't have a nail art brush on hand (in a pinch you can use a ratty old gel eyeliner brush).

The ORLY Rubberized BONDER dealy is definitely my favorite base coat. And if I haven't said it before, you most certainly want a base coat my lovelies. My nails have yet to yellow because of polish!

Also, the ORLY top coat is lovely but you have to work FAST. I find, like Seche Vite, that once you get down to the last third of the bottle that it gets quite tacky. Most beauty nerds who swear by Seche Vite counteract this problem by getting the big ole' refill. Can't get tacky if it never gets empty!

So what are you rockin on your claws? Any favorite products? I'm about to pee myself waiting for the China Glaze Metro Uptown/Downtown collection to come out!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sara's skipping through: LAVENDER HEAVEN

                                                                              Source: via Sara on Pinterest

I love love love love lavender in/on just about anything. Pillow mist, hand cream, tea, candles, anything really! Lavender just feels so cleansing and blends well with so many things: vanilla, honey, basil, lemons...

If you've seen my Twittering as of late, you'll know that I have been obsessed with acquiring some lavender to make Lavender Lemonade with. Doesn't that lovely?!

Really all's ya have to do is just add a lavender infusion to your favorite lemonade. It's really quite heavenly, especially on a hot summer day. And it's so easy, a Sara can do it!!! I'm not a cook and normally not allowed in the kitchen due to fire hazards... ANYWAYS.

..::The Sara-way to make Lavender Lemonade::..

+ Boil approx. 2 tablespoons of lavender (easy to find at an organic-type grocer, look for it with the herbs and spices) in approx. 4 cups of water.

+ Strain lavender out and allow to cool for a bit.

  -Pro-Tip: Take that soggy lavender, put some more water in the pot, set it on low and your house will smell like Heaven. Lavendery Heaven. Just keep an eye on the water so it doesn't burn down.

-Another Pro-Tip: If you don't have a strainer or other tea making widgets, just use a coffee filter - though you may need another set of hands to help!

+ Pour your lavender water in a pitcher, add your favorite lemonade mix (mine makes for about 2 quarts), fill pitcher with cold water.

+ TA-DA! Lavendery Heaven.

-One more Pro-Tip: Using a lemonade mix is not conducive to adding food coloring to make it a pretty purple color. Trust me, I tried! Yellow and purple are on the opposite ends of the color wheel - she can't do it captain! Adding red and/or blue food coloring to bright yellow lemonade will make it look like Lavender Hell. Do not want!

However, do not despair, for there are plenty of ways to Pioneer Woman this shit and make it lovely and fancy!

^How to make it purple!^

^This one has cocktail ideas!^

^This one kind of turns a lovely pinky color on it's own. Don't use as much lavender as called for though, or it'll taste like something from the Estee Lauder counter!^

Enjoying mine right now, ahhhhh... Do you like lavender? Try it, try it, try it! What's your favorite summer refreshment (besides pool water)? ;P

Sunday, July 17, 2011


 Thumbs up, boss.

HOLY CRICKET! This may be the creepiest thrifted clown EVER! The, uhmmm, head IS PART OF THE PIECE. This is a premo example of why people don't like goddamn clowns. It's pretty golden, no?


I shoulda bought this for my future clown closet... damn. >:)

Have a lovely Sunday!

Friday, July 15, 2011


OH. EM. GEE! I had a blast last night with my family! I pretty much loved the film and the sounds of my squeeing filled the theater when I saw the preview for The Dark Knight Rises (the Avengers can go to hell, really).

Local media coverage of Harry Potter madness. I feel pretty fortunate now to not only have gotten a ticket, but experience relative ease with getting in and out. Winning!

So, this is more makeup geekery! I was going to do an elaborate mask, but the humidity and my energy levels just wouldn't allow. Still did something fun and different though! Usually, I rock a green and silver look. But, just for Harry, I did a red and gold look. I feel like I had trouble getting a decent picture and the lighting makes me look like a ghost... but you get the idea!

HP: 7 Part 2 Gryffindor look.

This color combo is intense obviously, but I would totally rock this on an average day. Eyes:
+Urban Decay Primer Potion
+Jesse's Girl Eye Dust in Rouge Flambe (inner half of lid)
+NYX eyeshadow #160 Africa (inner corner of lid)
+ MAC eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown (outer corner of lid)
+Urban Decay Naked Palette: Half Baked, Smog, and Virgin (Half Baked and Smog along the outer corner over Charcoal brown and into crease. Virgin as a highlighter under the brow)
+Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Baked (along the "outer v" and up in to the crease)
+A tad bit of MAKE UP FOR EVER Flash Color Palette #004 Gold over all the other golds
+L.A. Colors glitter liner (along the upper lash line) in Copperfield

I was really pleased with the lip. I used:
+Sephora brand nano lip pencil #20 Real Red
+L'Oreal infallible lipstick #308 Target Red
+MAKE UP FOR EVER Flash Color Palette #004 Gold
+go-go Amy's Glamour Lips red glitter

+Too Faced Primed and Poreless Bronze face primer (pale faces like me can totally rock this in the summer time!)
+MAC Mineralize SkinFinish in Light Medium
+NARS Hungry Heart duo (highlighter, gold glitter funtimes)
+MAC powder blush in Prism (my go-to)

Just for fun, here's my Slytherin look from last year's midnight showing of HP:7 Part 1.

Did you guys dress up or do anything fun in honor of the LAST HARRY POTTER? (I can hardly believe it...)

What's your favorite HP moment?

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Totally gratuitous "What I Wore" post! I have a greater sense of fashion in my head than I do on my person usually. However, I was particularly proud of the birthday outfit I threw together. I went out with my Lovey and my friends and ate Korean food and drank fancy mojitos. Fun was had!

Shirt/Forever XI, Skirt/thrifted,Shoes/Target
Necklace/vintage, Bracelet/plastic retro funtimes that I've had since I was little!
Obligatory silly face.

Y'all have an awesome week!

Sara represents: THE LOLLIPOP GUILD... I GUESS

It's that time again, and this time it's a super speshul, post-birthday bash, slightly hungover edition of...

This madness isn't *exactly* a clown per se but... well... it's a caterpillar... apparently.

They labeled it "caterpillar" in case you were taken aback going, "WTF IS THAT?!"

It's like Madame Alexander's Wizard of Oz crack-pipe nightmares. Or something. GLITTER PANTS!

Found at Blue Suede Shoes Antique Mall in Bryant, AR. *sigh*

I'm going back to bed.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sara fancies herself: A PAINTER

My birthday hath come a wee bit early! I got the new, July-limited edition, Milani Paint Eyeshadow Palette in my mailbox today. I love eetttt!

This palette comes with seven almost neon and completely matte shades. It's super fun. Lookit!

The pink bled a little bit. Too damn hot outside, even for makeup.
Swatches galore! (LEFT over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, RIGHT over Too Faced Shadow Insurance)

Warm colors.

Cool colors.

It says on the back that you can "blend to create your own custom shade" so I took a blush brush and swirled the whole damn thing around. Yeah. Don't do that

So this dude is $7.99 and is available only at CVS stores during the month of July. It was launched in conjunction with the Haute Flash Shimmer Lipgloss and the coordinating High Speed Fast Dry Nail Lacquer. All of which are July-limited edition. So stressful! I was glad it was available online to purchase.

As you can see, it has fairly decent color payoff. The weakest colors are probably the green and white. The hot pink is super fabulous and very pigmented. All the colors are a tad chalky and I experienced a bit of fall out while swatching. A tacky base helps with that. Overall, it's worth it just for being PREETTTYYYY...

There's a lot of fun stuff launching in July. Wet n Wild has some lovely palettes coming out. Clinque's Black Honey collection looks divine. Gotta get my little grubby hands on some Tarte for True Blood cheek stain action. And MAC, of course, has something going on every two weeks it seems...

I can't wait to get to paintin' my face. *siiiiigh*

**Edit: 07/09 4:02pm**

B-day face and nails and stuff.

***Full disclosure: I bought it. Links are for information only and not affiliated. Thank you very much.***

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Don't they?

Since I'm gonna be spending a lot of working hours over in dear old Bryant, Arkansas over the next week, I thought I'd show you some gems from Blue Suede Shoes Antique Mall.

Lookit the middle one and his love for dueling violins.

A wide range of feelings.

Let's go for "happy".

I love the emotional range clowns. Those would be in my house right now if Matt would let me. One of these days, I'm gonna have a clown... closet... or something. *sigh*