Sunday, January 29, 2012


OMG you guys I am so ready for Valentine's Day.  I totally understand why a lot of people hate it, but I'm focusing on having fun with pinks and reds and fun decorations.

This week's edition of Creepy Thrifted Clowns features some fun finds from my adventures into the soul-sucking world of eBay. I've recently taken up collecting vintage valentine's, more on that hopefully next week. However, in the mean time, you can probably guess where this is going...

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

The "give me a tumble" one is the obvious winner here. That sounds awfully suggestive, but what do I know? Mr. Frowny-Face on the bottom is moveable, so you can turn that frown upside-down! "Don't clown with me" means business, as he looks like he's waving a flaming broomstick around...

*le sigh* I love vintage valentines! Hell, I love contemporary valentines! You have no idea how much self-restraint I have to employ not to send everyone a singing Justin Bieber card in the mail...

Don't you also "love" the way vintage valentines are all parenthetical?

I "hope" you're having a "good" weekend.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sara says: 26 BEFORE 26 (part 1)

Apologies for the lack of posting! School has begun and it's been raining a lot. Makes me feel pretty wiiiippppeeed outttt. BUT, I haven't been completely idle. OH NO I HAVE NOT! Check this shit out.

"26 Before 26"

I borrowed the idea from Craftyminx. What we have here are 26 different goals I'd like to achieve before my 26th birthday, which is in July. Here's the first half!

1.) Start seeing doctors annually: GP, OB/GYN, Dentist, and Counselor as needed.

This one is so important!  I feel a bit ashamed about this one, but it's just something I've let slip away. I like to go to Planned Parenthood to maintain my ladybits and to support the work they do. And I've found a lot of resources on how to talk to your doctor about Health at Every Size and deflect weight-based stigma/bigotry.

For example, click through this Pin to read an article about how to stand up to your doctor- it's easier than you think and, as consumers of health care, we have the right to "fire" our doctors if need be.

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

2.) Organize craft space (make craft space).

The beads are gonna be hell, but I can do it!

3.) Make graduation plan!

All I have left is practicum and internships (OMG!) 

4.) Make a workout schedule, get heart pumping 30 minutes a day?

I think I'd really like to get back into cardio and strength-training. It's a great (and cheap) way to fend of the little black depression cloud. However, I also care for my elderly granny, so I have to find a (daily?) schedule that's practical. I have a treadmill at home, but I'm starting to feel a bit like a hamster on a wheel. Thinking about Curves... hmmm...

5.) Drink more water and hot tea.

I drink so much Diet Coke that they send me free shit. No kidding. I've really gotten into hot tea. This one is my favorite so far:

6.) Plan a garden for backyard.

Square-foot gardening packs a lot of veggies into a little bit of space.
Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Raised beds.
Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Spiral herb garden!

7.) Get more involved with LGBTQ community locally and in-person.

8.) Fix bathroom hardware! Add shelf space.

All my towel racks/tp holders have abandoned ship! I have some amazing ideas that involve driftwood... I just gotta do it!
9.) Cut hair.

At least "trim" hair. May try to grow it out past my shoulders and attempt to style it.

10.) Replace septum jewelry.

I currently have a ring and I'll need something that I can flip up so I don't scare old people in the professional world.

11.) Find a foundation for my face!

Something that won't break me out or look like pancake batter.

12.) Finish Boardwalk skirt.

That's right y'all, I am crocheting a somewhat less useless garment!
Source: via Sara on Pinterest

13.) Make an afghan.

Red Heart has a nice pattern selection online... now just to pick one that won't take me 10,000 years! 

So there's part 1! Wish me luck! Have you made any resolutions or goals for 2012? How's it going? 

I'll take any advice, tips, or anecdotes!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


I'm fairly certain that this is a clown. I'm also fairly certain that she's a golf caddy.

I'm am definitely certain that she has inexplicable giant knockers... for why?!

Oh, I know, this is what Harley Quinn looks like when the Joker goes golfing on the weekends!

Or something... oh well, enjoy!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sara says: YUM YUM!

Hello there, lovely internet peoples! I'm happy to report that my "Cupcake-a-Day" project was a complete success! I've finished making a rather comfy scarf and a completely fun hat.

Check out part 1 here to see the beginning stages of my post-holiday crochet-a-thon.

Here's the remaining cupcakes before I stitched them together. They are loosely based on Twinkie Chan's cupcake pattern. By loosely, I mean, I pretty much free-handed these while watching The Big Lebowski. The result was some funky and fancy-free cupcakes, if I do say so myself.

Now, check out the hat! It's straight from Twinkie Chan's book. I love the colors but I had some issues with the pattern; which probably has more to do with me being an eager, but often slack, crochet neophyte than the pattern itself. In the future, I'd probably make this hat bigger and with sexier yarn. 

Notice the strawberry on top of the hat! That was a last minute, "fuck it"- type decision that turned out amazing. The strawberry is completely free-handed with no pattern! Go me! I loved it so much, I've taken to making a mess of loosey strawberries. Haven't decided what to do with them yet.

This is the part where you make a suggestion! What should a do with my strawberries?!

And I hope you have an amazing day! :D

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Sorry, the title of this week's CTC makes me think of this song.

Which is probably gonna be stuck in your head for the next 1,000 years. You're welcome.

ANYWAYS, this clown isn't exactly thrifty, coming in at $1,800 (and it's absence in the gallery leads me to believe it was sold) - but it sure is creepy! Ready?

Mr. Hungry Clown was found in an art gallery in the Hillcrest area of Little Rock a couple of weekends ago. Neither he, nor the chicken, have been seen since.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Nothing wrong with a little sadness reprieve, right? I have some makeup geekery that I hope you will enjoy. It's a pretty amazing look I have never done before!

Check out my practice spots!

Wait, what... are those 5 little leopard spots on my eye?!

Why yes indeed! I drew them on with pencils, so they aren't super crisp, but I still think the intended effect comes through. In the future, I think I'll try to use a brush and gel liners.

The base look is a light smokey purple, so the overall color scheme was black/gold/purple. Super fun!

Fierce jungle cat face!

You can probably also see that my hairline is a bit stained. That's because I found my holy grail of unbleached hair manic panic combinations! Which means, Hot Hot Pink and Purple Haze look badass together on my unbleached hair - though the pink stains pretty intensely. More on that later though!

What about you, lovelies? You got a fun, haute couture fantasy look you're dying to try? Tell Sara all about it!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sara says: PUT A BIRD ON IT (part 1)

(photo credit here, this bird house and other lovely ones are for sale, HOORAY!)

Anywhooooooo, welcome to The Aviary, where we're gonna fly like an eagle into the future.

Now, this collection is a bit more nonspecific as I already have birds all over my damn house. However, I think a bird-themed library or office space would be aces, don't you?

Cardinals are like my Granny's spirit-animal or something, so I love them. I found this sweet little picture at an estate sale for like $1.

Below is a later-era Enid Collins box bag (from when the company was owned by Tandy Leather). Don't ya love EC bags?

Golden mosaic-by-number peacock, hanging next to my retro He-Man sheet curtain, in case you're wondering.
I love these so much it makes my heart hurt. Ginormous peacocks made out of a thin metal, painted gold and green. These about span the width of my couch over which they hang.

 Lookit him! *sigh*

Daher tin tray motif. Above are a pair of regal looking chalkware fighting cocks. Teehee.
 ISN'T SHE THE SWEETEST THING OMG?! Mama chicken cookie jar.
Chicken mugs! This is a piece of a larger set, which I unfortunately could not get the rest of, that was sold out of ye olde Sears catalog back in the day. Lucky for me, I have seen some more of this set at a local antique mall!

Ahhh, I love my birdies. I imagine birds everywhere could be a bit off-putting, but OH WELL! Ya know, once I started photographing my collection, it didn't seem quite so bad... 

Do you have a favorite animal or birdie friend that makes you go ape when you find an amazing decorative piece? Retro owls, maybe?

Stay tuned for part 2 and have a great week!

And don't forget you can clicky on the yellow bird house at the top of this post to see the other rooms in my dream house!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


This week's edition of Creepy Thrifted Clowns features the inexplicable relationship and mutual fascination betwixt the kinders and the clowns. And if that sentence doesn't at least slightly creep you out, then I don't know what will!


60's big-eyed, Blythe-esque children are creepy at the best of times


Mr. Clown tutoring the delicate art of ... accordion playing.

Did you love, hate, or otherwise feel indifferent towards clowns as a child. I think I'd categorize myself as indifferent. One of those kids who just wouldn't laugh - a tough nut to crack if you will.

And I'm not ticklish either!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sara says: YUM!

So, I mentioned in a previous crochet frenzy post that I've started on some new projects for springtime.

One such project I am calling "Cupcake-a-Day".

I'm working up a different cupcake everyday with different fun yarns I've had sitting around for awhile. Some are bulky, some are wispy, and some are just plain damn difficult. The goal is to make enough to make a goodly-sized cupcake scarf a-la Twinkie Chan.

I won't flood your newsfeeds with cupcakes! This is just a progress report. I've finished 9 and I'm thinking 14 should be long enough.

Grab a glass of milk and take a looksee.

Here's all of 'em lined up scarfy-style.

The bottom one looks more like a mushroom, teehee. I like how they're all different looking; it gives me something to think about everyday! They're in order of when they were made.

My version is a bit different than Twinkie Chan's - the cupcakes aren't one solid piece, but I think it still works. It's fun anyways!

The next project is a matching hat! Also a-la Twinkie Chan.

Yummy. I swear I don't just sit around and play with string all day... :P