Friday, February 3, 2012


You guys, I'm sorry, but I've been feeling like poopshit. Blogging and doing things besides going to Target, laying about, and moaning will recommence soon.

Here's what happened in-between the Target trips and the moaning...

That sounded bad.

+New blogs I've found and enjoyed:
-The Editing Room is filled with HILARIOUS "abridged" movie scripts. Read the ones for the Twilight series. I was in tears. TEARS. Like, weeping openly with laughter. 
-Queer Fat Femme, because... well... DUH.
-I've been hitting Shakesville pretty hard this primary season to avoid despairing to death over politics. ONLY MOST OF THE YEAR LEFT TO GO! I CAN HARDLY CONTAIN MY BARF!

+My favorite post:
Leapin Leopards was pretty awesome. That was a good day in the life of Sara.

+Movies I've watched:
-Red Tails, I really liked it and I think it's important to support films about Black history (with a Black cast that isn't Tyler Perry). The reviews were mediocre, which I don't understand. I think what some critics found contrite I just found "wholesome". Eh, I liked it and it was an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon.
-Food Inc., a must-see documentary for people who eat food.
-Exit Through The Gift Shop, jumping on the Banksy train. Makes me want to yarn-bomb or wheat-paste something.
-Downton Abbey, Ok, yes, this is teevee, but I LOVE it. Poncey English gentle-people with problems.

(Daniel Stevens, who plays Matthew Crawley on DA)
Source: via Sara on Pinterest

+Creepiest Clown:

Homegirl's got some problems... check out her problems here!

+YouTube videos that made me teehee:
Watch this bunny go!

Simon got a kitten, OH NOES!

Jumping on the Shit _______ Say bandwagon.
"Shit (Young, White, Class-privileged, City-based) "Radical Queers" Say to Each Other"

This one has gone viral, so you've probably seen it. AND FOR GOOD REASON, because it's baby goddamn sloths taking a bath. Watch it. You'll die of cute.

Now watch Kristen Bell on Ellen freaking the fuck out with joy over... sloths.

+Other required viewing:
-Go read about Beyonce' the chicken again, it'll make your day better.
-Jeff Bridges can sing and guitar play and was totes on Austin City Limits you guys!
-Rescripting Sex or how to create a culture of consent-asking. I swear, Pervocracy reads my mind.
-Miss Representation trailer, an upcoming documentary about how the media impacts how our culture views/treats women.

+Notable Pins:
I'm going to attempt this rather boojy manicure.

Really cool tutorial on how to transfer a paper image onto wood. Click through to see!
Source: via Sara on Pinterest

I wasn't feeling the Ron + Hermione love before. But now, thanks to this still, I BELIEVE!

I lost this on eBay and my heart died.
Source: via Sara on Pinterest

From the latest Crochet Today! Can I makes it? I dunno, KRIISSSTEENNNNN! Help!
(K is kind of my crochet sensei).
Source: via Sara on Pinterest

+Exciting happenings outside the interwebs:
-School started back up, BOO!
-I bought a new purse, HOORAY!
-I've spent a lot of time with some lovely friends, SOCIALIZATION!
-That's about it!

+Big Girls Don't Cry Hotness of the Month:
Luna Love, who swears her man is under there somewhere (her words, not mine!) I love her Tumblr.

So yeah, YAY February!

So, how are you doing?

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  1. I LOVE your lists. And must go see the baby sloths. I am in love with Downton Abbey. I just love to LOOK at it. Even if the sound is off, it's beautiful. I just took an online quiz to see which character I'd be and it said that I'd be "Lady Sybil Crawley: most likely to end up at a political rally, try and help a servant find a better job, or scandalize your sisters by wearing pants to a party."