Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Holy crap, it's November. Time to start thinking about the holidays! Eeek! I'm sad to see Fall on the wane, but I think I'm ready for some holiday cheer. October was pretty great! Matt and I staycationed in Hot Springs, we went to an alligator farm, we went to the state fair (I hugged a llama!), and I've been loitering around my local hotspots (Argenta, Heights, Hillcrest) pretty much weekly. I've picked up so many local goodies! Soap, tea, honey, beads, yarn! It's truly felt like a harvest and I am just very appreciative of being alive right now. :)

+My favorite posts this month:
-Purple Haze
-National Coming Out Day
-Juliet Bad Romance

+New music I've been pumped about (because I haven't read any new blogs, recommend me some?)
-Tom Waits, Bad As Me
-Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer & Chris Thile, The Goat Rodeo Sessions (here they are performing Attaboy)
-Drake, Take Care (here's Headlines)

+Movies I've watched:
-Season 1 of The Walking Dead, because I need something to replace True Blood on Sundays. I really LOVE the effects, but the character building is somewhat lacking in some areas - especially the female characters (Lori has never killed a zombie on screen, for example).

-ALL SORTS OF GOODNESS at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Fest

-The Perfect Vagina, which is online and free! It's from a filmmaker out of the UK and documents her journey learning about labiaplasty or "why we should love our lady bits rather than cut them up.". If you have a vulva, you should watch this. I had some great conversations about it!

-Twilight, I love love love debating the zeitgeist of Twilight. I'm so happy it exists. I'm going to go see Breaking Dawn with a friend this month! Teen Girl Squad activate!

-Paranormal Activity 3, eh it was better than the second one. I have this Halloween tradition of going to see really bad scary movies on Halloween. Last year's was The Last Exorcism.

+Creepiest Clown:

+YouTube Videos that made me teehee:
-Nicki Minaj sings Super Bass with one of her littlest fans!

-Rethink Breast Cancer presents: Your Man Reminder

-It's better than drinking? Guinness World Records - Largest Collection of Clowns

-Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark: Cemetery Soup (These guys have more Scary Stories on their channel and have mad film-making skills! Super fun to see these stories brought to life!)

+Notable pins:
-Make an ami fishie out of plarn! I'm getting a bit obsessed with crochet...

-skelemingos and OMG WHERE CAN I GET A DEVIL ELF ON A SHELF?!?!?!

-Lady Gaga-o-lantern (from Telephone).
Source: via Sara on Pinterest

-"The ad shows Rick Genest, who you may know as Zombie Boy and have seen him in the Lady Gaga Born this Way video, being completely covered with Dermablend Leg & Body foundation. If you didn’t know who he was, the beginning of this video would probably not shock you (but the end would!) as his skin looks perfect- you can’t tell that he’s COVERED in tattoos from head to toe. This ad had me go out and buy some Dermablend concealer the next day, no joke!"

-The Miss Fat and Beautiful Contest, circa 1960
Source: via Sara on Pinterest

+Exciting happenings IRL:
-Christmas crafting begins!
-I see a light at the end of the tunnel for this semester at school!
-Thanksgiving recipe testing starts this week!

+Relevant photos:
Mum made us jack-o-peppers for Halloween!

Lucky cats from an Asian grocery store (I got the orange nom nom nom one!)

The Arkansas State Fair from the top of the ferris wheel!

Sassy alpaca at the fair!

Matt's doodle hung in an art gallery in Hot Springs!

Some of my plastic pumpkin collection on my porch!

+Big Girls Don't Cry Hotness of the Month:
-Fighting aliens with a hot pink hair dryer. Hiiii-ya!

And that's about it folks! I love October! There's just so many fun things to do! I'm a total Octoberist. How awesome was October for you?

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