Monday, January 9, 2012

Sara says: PUT A BIRD ON IT (part 1)

(photo credit here, this bird house and other lovely ones are for sale, HOORAY!)

Anywhooooooo, welcome to The Aviary, where we're gonna fly like an eagle into the future.

Now, this collection is a bit more nonspecific as I already have birds all over my damn house. However, I think a bird-themed library or office space would be aces, don't you?

Cardinals are like my Granny's spirit-animal or something, so I love them. I found this sweet little picture at an estate sale for like $1.

Below is a later-era Enid Collins box bag (from when the company was owned by Tandy Leather). Don't ya love EC bags?

Golden mosaic-by-number peacock, hanging next to my retro He-Man sheet curtain, in case you're wondering.
I love these so much it makes my heart hurt. Ginormous peacocks made out of a thin metal, painted gold and green. These about span the width of my couch over which they hang.

 Lookit him! *sigh*

Daher tin tray motif. Above are a pair of regal looking chalkware fighting cocks. Teehee.
 ISN'T SHE THE SWEETEST THING OMG?! Mama chicken cookie jar.
Chicken mugs! This is a piece of a larger set, which I unfortunately could not get the rest of, that was sold out of ye olde Sears catalog back in the day. Lucky for me, I have seen some more of this set at a local antique mall!

Ahhh, I love my birdies. I imagine birds everywhere could be a bit off-putting, but OH WELL! Ya know, once I started photographing my collection, it didn't seem quite so bad... 

Do you have a favorite animal or birdie friend that makes you go ape when you find an amazing decorative piece? Retro owls, maybe?

Stay tuned for part 2 and have a great week!

And don't forget you can clicky on the yellow bird house at the top of this post to see the other rooms in my dream house!

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  1. You're singing my song! I freakin' love birds. Horses are my number one going-apes-over animal but birds are a close second.

    Love yours - and those peacocks...gah!!