Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Halloween is getting closer and closer! EEEE! I'm not sure what I want to do with my pumpkin this year, but here's a good start! Ya don't always have to cut faces on 'em ya know...

Check out pumpkin decorating by yours truly at the bottom of this post!

Cats and Bats!

Source: sunset.com via Sara on Pinterest

Get caught up in some spider webs!
Source: bhg.com via Sara on Pinterest

Source: bhg.com via Sara on Pinterest

Sexify them pun'kins!

Slide that sucker in to some tights! For the black stem: fasten off the end super good to the stem, then mod podge, then paint over it!
Source: bhg.com via Sara on Pinterest

These are black/gold push pins!

This is puff paint (like for fabric)!

Great idea for a smexy fall fireplace, especially places where it's still too hot to have a real fire!

Then do this to the mantel!

A bit more crafty!

Source: bhg.com via Sara on Pinterest

Not pun'kins!

Re-purpose a sweater!

This is a dryer vent!

Velvet pumpkins!

Crochet one like I did! Pattern can be found here! Isn't he cute?!

I've also taken to collecting old plastic pumpkins. Here's my front porch so far!

Do you have any special traditions? What are your favorite ways to decorate pumpkins for Fall/Halloween?

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