Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sara can't sleep anyways: CTC

Firstly, I have big goals for the blog this week! It's Spring Break, which means I may have an appreciable amount of free time at my disposal. I've had some sort of pollen-induced plague for the past week, so it's not that Sara hasn't had anything to say- I've just been in a pseudoephedrine induced stupor.

Anyways, what better way to celebrate a super moon and the first official day of Spring than by lovingly sharing with you this week's pick for:

This super-special guy is a marionette that hails from Savers. You'll notice in the middle picture that he has a twin in yellow, but I just couldn't bring myself to inflict both of them on the masses.

I could just imagine having this hanging up in the corner of my bedroom as child. The lights go out for bedtime... "DID THAT THING JUST MOVE?! I SWEAR IT MOVED!!!" Awww... he just wants to play...

Yes, children, there's a reason why the inside of his mouth is that red! Sweet dreams!

Stay tuned for: Sara tweets! Blog makeover!? Re-do of favorite junkin finds post!


  1. I collected clowns way back. Years later, Kayla told me they gave her nightmares!

  2. Arguably, this clown is cute. But, I envisioned this thing when the lights go off... *shudder* It is nightmare inducing.

  3. Dear God. That clown is coming to get me.