Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sara feels the beguiling gaze of: CTC

In my unwaivering committment to always bring you my Sunday-best, I present this weeks contender for:

This week our special friend comes from an estate sale by Bette Bogart. The BB team has been on fire for the last month, facilitating some amazing sales. This house, in Midtown, boasted a spectacular collection of owls (always on trend, for those like me with a "demented forest" aesthetic) and tons of artwork. I, myself, bought a lovely painting of some swans... and then there was this guy...

It's like John Wayne Gacy and Tammy Faye had an accident... and I love him.


Stay tuned for: Crafty goodness! Crazy Ladies I <3 Part 2! And, speaking of clowns, makeup tips from an extremely freelance Makeup Artist! Huzzah!

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