Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sara really likes: NAIL POLISH!

I was inspired by Kaylah over at The Dainty Squid to take a cold, hard look at my nail polish collection  
(Let's just go ahead and say that this one is gonna be picture heavy!)

That's right, sometimes to escape from the doldrums of everyday existence you have to catalog your fuckin nail polish. I am not ashamed!

But I love makeup and I will hopefully be sharing my mad skills and the rest of my stash with you soon!

But first, I'll be a tad slutty and give you all of it- my nail polish collection that is. I currently have 53, and that's after I, painfully, had to weed out some of the funky ones.

Now, I love all of them... I really do... a little too much (I have 2 of "Fortune Teller" by China Glaze, because it was from Halloween 2009 and OMG WHAT IF I RUN OUT AND CAN"T EVER FIND IT AGAIN?!?!?!?! *ahem*). But, if I had to choose, here's my top favorites:

The bottle I'm holding is "Buried Treasure" by Sally Hansen and is probably my #1 favorite ever. It looks friggin amazing over pretty much any color, but really shines over a dark color. My dream polish would have to be Clarins "230" (AKA "Unicorn Pee"). I also love to mattify polishes (remove the shine), which can be done with a special top coat like this one.

Ah yes, *sigh* a happy rainbow of nail polish...

My favorite "Nail Files":
-Vampy Varnish
-Dr. Frankenpolish

Stay tuned for: More excessive makeup fun-times! Tips and tricks! Nail dresses?!

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  1. I love the detail you put in on every picture. Those little tiny name labels took some time.