Thursday, June 16, 2011


Howdy there lovelies! I have more makeup geekery for you today, plus a FABULOUS AND CHEAP MAKEUP FIND!

This is a brown/teal look that's heavy on the Label Whore eyeshadow by Too Faced. I love this eyeshadow and it's one of Too Faced's best! It's a smexy warm brown with a teal glimmer throughout. It blends like butter. This color would be a good pick for folks who normally just wear browns/taupes but are maybe thinkin about dabbling in a wee punch of color. A touch of Label Whore in the crease of your eye would be the bee's knees!

Default silly kissy face so you can see the look! :*

Also for this look I used one of the new glitter eyeliners by L.A. Colors. I used Peacock and it's right along my upper lash-line. I'm super psyched about their new liners and lemme tell ya why...

I purchased Peacock at my local Drug Emporium for $1.49!!! See my elation!!!

Here's some comparison swatches of Peacock versus Metal Head by Urban Decay and 02 Silver by Sephora.

Peacock is on the left, Metal Head (light purple) is in the middle, and 02 Silver is on the right.

+L.A. Colors' Peacock 0.24 fl oz - <$5.00 
(price depending on retailer)
+Urban Decay's Metal Head 0.25 fl oz - $18.00
+Sephora's 02 Silver 0.12 fl oz - $12.00

There's a clear winner here I think...

I will say that Urban Decay's is more blingy with larger flecks of glitter. Sephora's is a bit more goopy in consistency but has more glitter saturation (which equals less passes over the eye). L.A. Colors' is a happy medium between the two - not accounting for the price difference though!

I would definitely (if ya couldn't tell already) recommend the L.A. Colors glitter liner. I've been romping about outside for a couple of hours and the glitter hasn't budged or migrated all over my face. The brush inside is small, pointy, and easy to work with. They have a lovely range of colors and I think I'm gonna have to pick up every single one of them (<- clicky the link to purchase online). Now these may be comparable to the NYX brand ones but I don't have one to compare (NYX is another lovely drugstore brand, though perhaps lacking in the customer service department).

So definitely a win overall! I'm so happy to find decent products on the cheap so I can dive back in to makeup artistry again. I also purchased a new mascara from Physician's Formula that I'm really digging.

Have you guys found any beauty holy grails recently? What are some of your utmost favorite things? Would you rock some glitter liner?


  1. Additional glitter liner fun facts: This may not be true for everybody, but there's also an inexplicable BURN FACTOR. I find that the Urban Decay is the stingy-est and the L.A. Colors didn't bother me much at all. Weird, huh?

  2. I love this! Ask Laura about my past passion for glitter liner......teal or purple! I still have it but just don't wear it much anymore. We have a lot in common! Huey and I also live estate sales and antique malls and thrift shops!