Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sara says: FATTY, FATTY, FAT

Title to the tune of ...

So, I caused a bit of a stink on Pinterest by posting this photo to my creatively titled Big Girls Don't Cry board.

                                                              Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Now, for those who have yet to peruse Big Girls Don't Cry (and you should as it's a gateway to fabulous fat-positive and sexy lady tumblrs), this lovely lady is on the smaller-side. Just for reference.

This photo got some comments. Most were positive. Some were about fat and health (or unhealthiness).

The submitter of this photo, who I am assuming is anonymous as I couln't find a specific personal blog or anything connected to it, supplied the following:

"Yes, This is me. Yes, I took a big risk. I am learning to accept my body. My Boobs. My Thighs. My Stomach. My Hips."

I, for one, was pretty proud of how I responded to the not-so-positive comments. NPR recently did a piece on a woman and "her struggle to shed weight and shame". It was pretty, in my humble opinion, insipid. But I found myself not feeling angry... no. I was left with a feeling of... pride? This woman is certainly allowed to feel however she wants to feel about her body. I recognized where she's coming from, the feeling of "horror" at looking at her own naked body... but I am not there anymore.

A comment I made on Pinterest, in response to the above photo:

A WOMAN ON A MISSION! I like that. I guess I am. However, I kind of hate to think that the ideas of a fat person being healthy and attractive is a radical point of view. But you did not offend me! I’m just conversatin’! I started this board to counteract the “thinspo” present here. Fitness, being a thin person … I don’t have a problem with this! But some of the “thinspo” here is just fucking disturbing. To counteract that disturbed feeling – I pin fat girls. For me, Big Girls Don’t Cry, has evolved into something bigger (pun intended, lol) than that even. Supposedly fatties are a majority in this country, but we are not represented in hardly any positive light in the media. There’s a so-called “WAR ON OBESITY OMG”, but life-expectancies in general are longer than ever… Anyways, my only mission is to represent and start a discussion. It’s high time that women, all women, stopped hating themselves and each other over a tummy pouch.

Ragen Chastain has been a huge positive influence on my evolution into the revolution of fat acceptance. Her blog, Dances With Fat, is a freaking priceless wealth of insight and inspiration.

And in celebration of this and wrapping up my summer semester, I bought a sexy tight-ass dress* today.

*which may actually be a skirt, but now it's a dress. I tend to do that to long skirts...

Hope you're having an awesome weekend!

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