Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hello lovelies! At this point, my makeup geekery is well documented - but I also like to dabble in hair. Namely color. So we'll classify this as hair geekery (clicky on "hair" above for one of my favorite Gaga songs, live!)

The previous Sunday I was feeling kinda down, so I was all, "I'm gonna dye my hair fucking orange".

I used L'OREAL Excellence Creme in #8.43 Medium Copper Golden Blonde (shimmer awesome sexy howmanyadjectivesdoesitreallyneed?!) Clicky the link for a swatch and whatnot.

I used a 20 volume developer and my results were still pretty dark. I like it though! It's just lacking the WOW-factor I was hoping for.

I am also a wiz at the ombre hair trend... except backwards. My hair is lighter at the top (roots yadda yadda) and I have some inexplicable dark patchiness in the upper 1/3 of my hair. Hair goes from light - dark instead of dark - light. I have some ideas though...


Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Source: via Maja on Pinterest

I'm thinkin the option on the bottom will be the easiest for me to execute. I'm excited that my favorite local tattoo studio is opening a salon soon, so maybe I'll get some help from the pros... but I know myself. I'll always be wanting to slap some dye on my head.

Are you looking forward to change your look for Fall? Ever have any DIY epic fails? TELL ME and have a vibrant weekend!

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