Monday, August 15, 2011


The Pantone color of the year is 'Honeysuckle', but I'm a bit obsessed with a color a little further down the spectrum. ORCHID! OMG! ORCHID! ORCHID! ORCHID!

Here's some prime examples of my latest favorite color.

Now's here's orchid beautifully represented in stuff!

+MAC Show Orchid lipstick

+Sugar Pill Pressed Eyeshadow in Dollypop

+Natalie Portman at the 2009 Academy Awards wearing Rodarte
Source: via Sara on Pinterest

+I'm gonna have to call blog spotlight on ADVANCED STYLE. Check out Ms. Rose. She's 99. She's truly amazing.

+An orchid and black lovely day dress from eShakti
Source: via Sara on Pinterest

+I love tights! These are from Torrid, but We Love Color is awesome too.
Source: via Sara on Pinterest

+Mystic Heather, probably the hardest Manic Panic color to execute, besides pure white!

+These are the sexy. Tsumori Chisato Color Cateye Sunglasses
Source: via Sara on Pinterest

+Because I have to be literal sometimes... OMG, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! A miniature orchid origami necklace!
Source: via Sara on Pinterest

+I love the world. Gorgeous ring made out of colored pencils!!!
Source: via Sara on Pinterest

+Finally, work out some stress and make something awesome with this fun "dyeing" technique. Squish some orchids and make something ah-mazing yourself! Clicky through for a tut!

What's your most favoritest, I-gotta-have-it-or-I'll-die, color right now?

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