Saturday, October 22, 2011


October should really be called Crochetober because I've been making stuff like a crazy person!

Getting cray-cray with the crochet!

Ok, I'll stop, but LOOKIT!!!

Cowl from The Crimson Owl - pattern here.

"Cowl" sounds so much fancier than "shood" (scarf/hood), don't you think? I used two balls of Big Baby (100% baby Alpaca yarn, OMG) in Hyacinth (2014). The trim is a bit of Berroco Plush Colors in Baby Mix (1952 - seems to be in limited production, bummer).

Floppy Hat and Skinny Scarf

Hat Pattern from "25 Quick and Thrifty Free Crochet Patterns" eBook.
Scarf Pattern is custom but based on this pattern from Debbie Stoller.

I've shown you the skinny scarf before, but I changed it a bit (removed the tabs that made it a neck wrap). I didn't even plan for the hat and scarf to  match, it just worked out that way! Oh, serendipity! The scarf is made out of Amazing (Aurora) by Lion Brand and Pom Pom (Confetti) by Loops and Threads. The hat is made out of Red Heart Soft Yarn in Berry. It's also the first hat I've ever made. Huzzah!

AND THERE'S MORE DOWN THE TUBE! I'm working on a hat for Matthew. This hat, to be precise, and writing a custom mitten pattern to match my cowl. AND THEN CHRISTMAS CRAFTING, OH GOD!

Do any of you fine folks like to play with string? Have you made anything excellent this Fall?

And remember, the only things we were born knowing how to do are shitting and crying. So head on over to Craftyminx and learn you how to crochet!

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  1. Ooh, I want one! One what, you ask? One of everything. Pweeeeeez