Saturday, September 24, 2011


(seriously, clicky the link above, it's part of this complete balanced breakfast)

I haven't done a craftastic post in awhile. Here's a roundup of the different kinds of string I've been playing with.

I've been itchin to do some stichin... ok that was pretty bad. But, no really! Behold my magical, whimsical creation!
"I reject your reality & substitute my own"

unicorns I love them...

I'm pretty proud of her! I changed the pattern a bit, which you can find at Aimee Ray's flickr. The quote is from The Office and I totally free-handed the words (which you can probably tell, but I like how messy it looks, very Fractured Fairy Tales). This is the first embroidery piece I've ever done and I heart it.

Other awesome unicorn embroidery patterns to indulge your inner child (or literal one if you, you know, have one):
-Sublime Stitching
-This one from Sunshine and Carousels

I've also been crocheting my little fingers to the bone. I crafted a skinny scarf for myself and made my first little amigurumi friend!

First, my funky yarn creation. I love making skinny scarves. They are versatile and make quick n' easy gifts. I made one for myself out of Amazing (Aurora) by Lion Brand and Pom Pom (Confetti) by Loops and Threads.

As an added stupid detail, there's little tabs on the end (that glow in the dark, that's the stupid part) to button the ends of the scarf together. Glow in the dark feature brought to you by a discontinued Bernat yarn from a couple of Halloweens ago. :<

Then I made my ami from this super sweet book.

He's a narwhal! Eeeeee! He's not perfect, but I luff him. Ana Paula Rimoli has other lovely patterns to be found on her blog! I'm definitely gonna check out her other books too, the instructions are so easy A SARA CAN DO IT!

Amigurumis kind of intimidated me at first, but now I'm totally empowered! Lookit the pattern I picked up this morning from Syppah!
Source: via Sara on Pinterest

That's about it for the moment! I think the Fall weather has totally turned on my crafty-ness. What are you working on?

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  1. I just re-watched that video the other day. Hooray for crafty theme songs!
    Your narwhal turned out adorable! Awww!

    The unicorn stitchery....just perfect, the quote and everything! Its totally making me wanna pick up the embroidery needle again!