Friday, December 16, 2011


I had almost forgotten about my stash of vintage Christmas cards, until this lovely post at the aptly titled OH SO LOVELY VINTAGE jogged my memory. And off I went digging through my bureau!

I picked these up a few months ago, all in one lot, for $3. So much more fun than the more contemporary boxed cards, am I right? Just stuck these babies in the mail today!

This one was my favorite!

Ahhhh... Christmas. Now, my one caveat is that, with vintage cards often comes vintage envelopes THAT WON'T OPEN AND/OR TASTE LIKE BATTERY ACID WHEN YOU LICK THEM. Prepare as is appropriate for odd sized cards, lol.


  1. Those cards are beautiful! When I give people vintage cards, I can't bear to write in them but attach a post-it note telling them so. And you are SO right about old envelopes.

  2. I did the same thing! I made me feel kind of silly, so now I feel a little better being a vintage lovin' purist, lol. :D