Monday, December 19, 2011


... o, Christmas tree ...

OMFG! I cannot believe it's Christmas time for reals. The year has FLOWN by. Even so, I do find myself dreaming of future spring crocheting and Valentine crafting... *sigh*. But, no, it's Christmas! AHHH!

I've been so hype about Christmas this year, I put up THREE trees. Not one, not two... THREE.

The BIG Rainbow-y Tree

I tried to start with purple on the top and ombre on down to red on the bottom.

Purple-glitter-Christmas-feelers of doom

The Christmas pickle.

 Boots being a lazy kitty.

The Pink and White Tree

I can shove so much on this tiny tree, teehee.


Close-up! I <3 this tree!

Granny's Teeny Shiny Tree

I love Christmas trees and lights. They're like the perfect winter anti-depressant. I may leave the pink one up and make it a Valentine tree!

Do you like to "theme" your Christmas trees? Do you have a favorite childhood or vintage ornament that you HAVE to put up every year? TELL ME! :D

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  1. I love your trees! And "Purple-glitter-Christmas-feelers of doom" made me giggle. All trees should have those, pickles and cats. I have no theme. Mine is mostly, "I like color. I like stuff. Let's get it on!"