Friday, May 20, 2011

Sara continues to ponder what to do with: OLD KEYS

Let's consider this Part II (here's the first post) of our exploration of this easy crafting medium.

I've noticed that this is a commonly searched topic on my blog -AND- I've stumbled upon a massive stockpile of old keys while cleaning out the garage. So I'm gonna have to think of more stuff to make! Here's some ideas:

Jewelry, of course.

Keys would look lovely on a messy, charmy piece of jewelry like this. Click through my Pinterest pin for the tutorial. :D

Prettify! Repurpose costumed jewelry + super glue.
Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Stick it on a cord!

Embellish and affix to a bobby pin!
Source: via Sara on Pinterest

A little committal, but you can nail them on the wall mosaic-style.

These are little porcelain keys, but I think this gives you a good idea of what old keys would look like with a nice, thick coat of paint.

I still like the wind chime idea.
Source: via Sara on Pinterest

I love this sweet framed memento idea. Maybe make a little note about the house the key belonged to?

Simple frames!

Pretty, but let's jazz it up a bit...

Just add spray paint and a little fabric backing!

Lastly, make a thing to hang new keys on! Get a board, glue embellished keys artfully, and screw in little hangy things on the bottom! Could look like this:
Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Bonus idea that I really like: This is with pennies obviously, but you could totally use keys and a thrifted little table or somesuch.

So, what are you gonna make? :)

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