Sunday, May 29, 2011


ANSWER: To get to the Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada of course!

Today I'm gonna do something exciting and different (WA-HOOO!) and start a new Sara Says What?! thing - the blog spotlight! As it's Memorial Day weekend and people are road-trippin all over the place; this is the perfect time to feature Vintage Roadside - the blog. When I stumbled upon their adventures on the road from Nashville to the (surely now famous) Clown Motel, I was instantly smitten! Clicky the link to read their post!

And here's some of the digs to be dug at the Clown Motel!

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Of course clown decorations abound! Vintage Roadside only posted a couple of clown pieces that were in the rooms, and it wasn't as intensely freaky as one might suspect.

This may be the best part... a cemetery out back!!! "Next door to the Clown office is the Tonopah Cemetery. It dates to the period of 1901 to 1911 and appears to contain many former Tonopah residents who were victims of mining accidents."

You simply must check out Vintage Roadside's FLICKR to see more kitschy goodness. I love that places like the Clown Motel exist! A concept that, if executed today, would probably be gimmicky and horrifying... *sigh*

Hope you have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend and safe travels!

And remember the reason for the season. Even though it's Creepy Thrifted Clown day, we here at Sara Says What?! salute our fallen veterans...

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in our own special way.

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