Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sara titters about: THE VERY MERRY MONTH OF MAY

I'm borrowing an idea from The Dainty Squid and doing a month-in-review-type deal! Hoo-ray! Let's call it the Monthly Gift because that's not awkward at all!

+New blogs I've found and enjoyed:
Corpulent - I'm immersing myself in the fat acceptance movement and this blog is high up on my list of awesome blogs so far.
+My favorite post this month:
Rainbow-haired unicorns?!

+Movies I've watched:
Every single Harry Potter movie which I snatched up all at once and had a glorious Harry Potter weekend-a-thon. So stoked about the final movie it's not even funny.

A Single Man- Tom Ford jerking himself off artfully. Colin Firth is adorable. And the art direction was lovely, if not overdone. Still, it's worth watching paired with a cocktail or five.

+YouTube videos that made me teehee:
<3 Ben Fold's sense of humor. <3 Ke$ha... There ya go!

I wish there were more! I watched every single one of them. This is one of the more warm n' fuzzy Story Corps stories. Listen!

Pigeon is a literary character that encompasses my personality perfectly. What's yours?

Throw back from Saturday morning cartoons! Mrs. Munger! OMG it's totally bizarre!

Lady Gaga visits Farmville. Hilarity ensues.

Other required viewing:
Determine whether you are, in fact, wearing pants or not. 
John Lithgow Performs Gingrich Press Release - I seriously cried from laughing, and yes it's the real press release. EPIC!
Gaga on Letterman -I love her a lot, ok?! I can't fight this feeling anymore!
Bieber being a creeper in his perfume ad. -This is real life... woooooow.

+Notable pins:

"Gotcha bitch"

"Cheesy Kitty"

"Mother's Day"

"A Story About Hores"

"I'm Gonna Try My Damndest to Make This"

+Exciting happenings IRL:
Matt (my fearless spousal equivalent) got into nursing school!
Matt's sisters graduated high school and both got scholarships to college! Huzzah!
We got my Mum a fancy pants Kindle for Mother's Day/her birthday/Nurse's Week.
Lady Gaga's triumph, Born This Way dropped! Paws up!!!

+Relevant Photos:

Matt modeling some amazing rainbow suspenders I thrifted (he's gonna kill me). I love you!

Lookit these awesome clip-on earrings I found!

And because this post was inspired by Dainty Squid, here's a cute mushroom I found.

What were your totally awesome haps in May?

Here's to an amazing, and already friggin hotter than hell, JUNE! :)

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