Friday, April 22, 2011

Sara's Junktique Rainbow of Funtimes: PINK

No, you're not seeing hallucinations from last night's bender... well maybe you are, but I assure you, those above are very real and very adorable PINK elephants wearing gold bow ties. I can't think of a better color to end the Junktique Rainbow of Funtimes series! EEEEEEE! 

*ahem* Now, that I've regained my composure, I was fortunate enough to snag the adorable elephants, vintage mermaid wall pockets, and metal plate w/ bowl in one go at the Mid-towne Antique Mall.

Closeup of the metal plate and bowl. Really very pretty.

Closeup of the mermaids (they're chalkware). I know I say this a lot, but these are one of my favorite things.

Perfect for Easter-times (you can see a bit of my table decorations in the background), I found this precious little lambie planter at Saver's. Followed by a profitable trip to Elaine's Closet (a consignment store here in Little Rock), I scored two plastic floral brooches.

Closeup of the brooches. The one on the right is an orchid, I believe. Very pretty and in super condition.

 Jelly-fishies scarf.

Floral enamel brooch as modeled by Ms. Hello Kitty. I couldn't resist.

A pink tin with a city shopping scene on it (I unwittingly made a set of these, which you can see on the YELLOW AND PURPLE posts).

I hope you've enjoyed this series as much as I've enjoyed making (and acquiring) it! You can navigate to all the other posts by clicking on the header above.

Bonus find! Rainbow peacock brooch!

Stay Tuned For: Amazing new plus-size clothing shops I've discovered! More junkin! Uhmmm... Endless whimsy!

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