Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sara's skipping through: LAVENDER HEAVEN

                                                                              Source: via Sara on Pinterest

I love love love love lavender in/on just about anything. Pillow mist, hand cream, tea, candles, anything really! Lavender just feels so cleansing and blends well with so many things: vanilla, honey, basil, lemons...

If you've seen my Twittering as of late, you'll know that I have been obsessed with acquiring some lavender to make Lavender Lemonade with. Doesn't that lovely?!

Really all's ya have to do is just add a lavender infusion to your favorite lemonade. It's really quite heavenly, especially on a hot summer day. And it's so easy, a Sara can do it!!! I'm not a cook and normally not allowed in the kitchen due to fire hazards... ANYWAYS.

..::The Sara-way to make Lavender Lemonade::..

+ Boil approx. 2 tablespoons of lavender (easy to find at an organic-type grocer, look for it with the herbs and spices) in approx. 4 cups of water.

+ Strain lavender out and allow to cool for a bit.

  -Pro-Tip: Take that soggy lavender, put some more water in the pot, set it on low and your house will smell like Heaven. Lavendery Heaven. Just keep an eye on the water so it doesn't burn down.

-Another Pro-Tip: If you don't have a strainer or other tea making widgets, just use a coffee filter - though you may need another set of hands to help!

+ Pour your lavender water in a pitcher, add your favorite lemonade mix (mine makes for about 2 quarts), fill pitcher with cold water.

+ TA-DA! Lavendery Heaven.

-One more Pro-Tip: Using a lemonade mix is not conducive to adding food coloring to make it a pretty purple color. Trust me, I tried! Yellow and purple are on the opposite ends of the color wheel - she can't do it captain! Adding red and/or blue food coloring to bright yellow lemonade will make it look like Lavender Hell. Do not want!

However, do not despair, for there are plenty of ways to Pioneer Woman this shit and make it lovely and fancy!

^How to make it purple!^

^This one has cocktail ideas!^

^This one kind of turns a lovely pinky color on it's own. Don't use as much lavender as called for though, or it'll taste like something from the Estee Lauder counter!^

Enjoying mine right now, ahhhhh... Do you like lavender? Try it, try it, try it! What's your favorite summer refreshment (besides pool water)? ;P

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