Friday, July 8, 2011

Sara fancies herself: A PAINTER

My birthday hath come a wee bit early! I got the new, July-limited edition, Milani Paint Eyeshadow Palette in my mailbox today. I love eetttt!

This palette comes with seven almost neon and completely matte shades. It's super fun. Lookit!

The pink bled a little bit. Too damn hot outside, even for makeup.
Swatches galore! (LEFT over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, RIGHT over Too Faced Shadow Insurance)

Warm colors.

Cool colors.

It says on the back that you can "blend to create your own custom shade" so I took a blush brush and swirled the whole damn thing around. Yeah. Don't do that

So this dude is $7.99 and is available only at CVS stores during the month of July. It was launched in conjunction with the Haute Flash Shimmer Lipgloss and the coordinating High Speed Fast Dry Nail Lacquer. All of which are July-limited edition. So stressful! I was glad it was available online to purchase.

As you can see, it has fairly decent color payoff. The weakest colors are probably the green and white. The hot pink is super fabulous and very pigmented. All the colors are a tad chalky and I experienced a bit of fall out while swatching. A tacky base helps with that. Overall, it's worth it just for being PREETTTYYYY...

There's a lot of fun stuff launching in July. Wet n Wild has some lovely palettes coming out. Clinque's Black Honey collection looks divine. Gotta get my little grubby hands on some Tarte for True Blood cheek stain action. And MAC, of course, has something going on every two weeks it seems...

I can't wait to get to paintin' my face. *siiiiigh*

**Edit: 07/09 4:02pm**

B-day face and nails and stuff.

***Full disclosure: I bought it. Links are for information only and not affiliated. Thank you very much.***

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