Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sara says: RUN

We are overrun, y'all. Or rather, Saver's in the western persuasion of Little Rock is. Too many Creepy Thrifted Clowns. It doesn't make any sense.

Time for an overwhelming dump of photos! Be warned. It's pretty graphic...

I've got the whole world... under my ass.

Dear God...


"Wouldst ewe lyke a drank?"

"I'm gonna shamble on over this way wif your drank here", says Drunky McClown

There is an entire bin of these suckers. GLITTER PANTS!

Yeehaw! And friends, unicorn horn poaching is a serious issue.

Here's my foot. Do you like it?

So... have a nice weekend! Yeah... And try not to quake and quiver too much. They can smell fear. You'll only draw attention to yourself.

1 comment:

  1. Love love LOVE when you post creepy thrifted clowns! I was thinking of that when I crocheted that horrid clown from the vintage pattern. I especially like the clown giving birth to the world, but then there's GLITTER PANTS...