Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sara was visited by: ELVES

Y'all know I love makeup.

I also love being a cheap-ass frugal!

So when those powers combine... MAGIC! Elves are magic right...?

Well, the little elves at e.l.f. did not disappoint. I got a Target giftcard for my bday and I went crazy! Subsequently, I now have some fantastic drugstore, budget-friendly makeup geekery to bestow upon you.

First, I picked up some e.l.f. Essential Brightening Eye Color quads. They're $1 and fairly awesome.

(L-R) Silver Lining, Punk Funk, & Teal Dream

The colors are swatched in order from left to right. The lightest color on the fair left of each quad was consistently pretty powdery (the website says these are formulated with corn silk). Punk Funk is a clear winner here (the pink is AH-MAZING, could be a NARS shadow dupe I'm sure of it). These also come with sponge tip applicators, which I pretty much immediately tossed. Teal Dream is the one I would probably pass on, except that second color (which you can barely see in my swatches) is actually quite pretty. Any glitter mentioned is silver.

Silver Lining
Color description L-R: light purple frost, blurple matte with a little glitter, slate frost, lilac micro glitter)
Punk Funk

Color description L-R: white matte with slight pink shift, blue matte with a little glitter, purple matte, hot pink micro-glitter)
Teal Dream

Color description L-R: white metallic shimmer with glitter, very soft taupe frost, blue frost with a slight green shift, teal frost with a slight gold shift

Not too shabby for a dollar each! I've never used e.l.f. makeup before (except brushes) and I'm pleased as punch. There's a large range of colors available on the website. I also picked up an eyeliner brush which I LOVE and some green tea oil blotting sheets.

So, have you been visted by elves? Tell me all about it, because I so want to try more e.l.f.!

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