Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sara shares: MORE JUNK!

The junkin scene has been a little kinder to me the past couple of weeks. Now, y'all know I love the kitsch and this haul demonstrates that beautifully! Observe!

I'm a 2nd generation Trekkie, I'll admit it. The original series being the best, of course! I snatched this awesome record duo at an estate sale. I really just love the art on the sleeve sooo much!


front detail

Uhura on the back

This is a beauitful costume jewelry set I found at an antique mall. It's a shell inlay pendant and ring, with a red and turquoise cardinal! EEEEE! $4!!!

I've been wanting one of these for forever! It's a vintage bunny cotton ball holder! OMG! Mine's kind of plain and maybe 80's-tastic, but I luff him! He's sitting on a hankie I picked up at the same sale.

Finally, I picked up these tacky things at an antique mall. They're plastic aqua elephant hoops!

see them in action!

Hopefully the blessed season of Fall (I'm so happy) will bring on more junkin goodies! Have y'all found anything awesome lately?

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