Thursday, September 1, 2011


I wish Fall would hurry the hell up. I'm ready for pumpkins, and leaves, and chilly weather. However, I shall endeavor to enjoy these last dregs of summertime. Here lies the haps of August.

+New blogs I've found and enjoyed:
Here's 3 completely different awesome blogs!
1.) Shakesville - still working my way around this one, but basically a safe space and Feminism 101.
2.) The Pervocracy - kink-friendly, feminist, sex-blog. Love it to pieces!
3.) Advanced Style - a fashion blog that's getting a lot of press and espouses that personal style advances with age. Fantastic! My favorite so far is Ms. Ruth, who's 100 and lifts weights in her precious lacey gloves.

+My favorite post this month: 
Has to be this one: FATTY, FATTY, FAT

+Movies I've watched:
- Forced a sweet friend to endure Shark Attack 3: Megalodon. Here's the finer points of that... film.
- Watched some (finally) Michael Moore films: Capitalism, A Love Story and Bowling for Columbine.
- Tangled, Disney's most weirdly marketed modern animated feature ever, but very sweet.
- Freakonomics, correlation does not imply causation! Totally want to read the book now!
- In light of the West Memphis 3 finally being released, I watched Paradise Lost and Paradise Lost: Revelations. Seeing as how I'm from Arkansas, I will probably do a separate post on the whole subject. Here it is!
- Totally re-discovered He-Man. Oddly, it's great background noise for working out... I HAVE THE POWER!

Conclusion: I am a screaming liberal child! Hooray!

+Creepiest Clown:
I couldn't even come up with a title for this son of a bitch!
Yeah. He wins.

+YouTube videos that made me teehee:
The internet is for kitties. And OMG EPIC SOUNDTRACK IS EPIC!

Said sweet friend eventually forgave me for inflicting Shark Attack 3 on her and introduced me to Karmin Covers. Watch and be amazed!

+Other Required Viewing:
-Read this beguiling mystery about... okra.
-Oh, and I was totally on Regretsy! Twice! In a good way, not for hot-gluing some dumb shit to some other shit. It may quite possibly be sad that I'm so happy about this...
-Watch this here life-altering poetry slamming and spoken word art-ing.

+Notable pins:
HOLY CRICKET! By Jeff Gogue, who is apparently booked for the next forever.


Crayola homicide with a blow dryer!

I freaking LOVE mantids (and most other bugs for that matter). Here is an Orchid Mantis.

Click on this, read it, and commit it to your little hearts. I love her for this!

+Exciting happenings IRL:
-New ink was acquired. Hooray! Will maybe post pics and whatnot. Still healing.
-The WM3 are free... OMFG! YES!
-I got salmonella poisoning from eating papaya. How stupid is that?
-I water marbled my nails for the first time!
-I have been walking at least a mile most days of the week. Been workin it a lot this month! My Standing Knee yoga pose looks more like I got a little Captain in me though... that sounded dirty...

+Relevant Photos:
Playing around with a blue gradient liner look.

Shark Flash! Hint hint hint!

+Big Girls Don't Cry Hotness of the Month:
Just. Filthy.

So yeah, it's been kinda slow since I'm BACK in school after a fleeting 2-week siesta between Summer and Fall. I'm ready for September! Bring it!

Hope y'all had an excellent summer! :D

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  1. I so enjoy your lists! And that praying mantis is stunning. I had no idea about Big Girls Don't Cry but am all for it! And look at Miss Ruth! I'd better go ahead and get some style now so that I'll be sure and have it in my advanced years. Those folks are truly inspiring!