Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sara goes on a junkin adventure: CONSIGNMENT STORES

In the past couple of weeks, I've pretty much exhausted all the retail junkin hot spots. I even drove to the other side of the river to hit up the Savers and My Favorite Thrift Store in North Little Rock. And I am super-bummed to say that I am in the middle of a thrift-store drought. I haven't had a good Savers run since I found my beloved Mexican velvet paintings! And that's been a couple of months! Boo!

I call them "El burro malo".

However, there is hope! I am discovering that the Little Rock-area has a pretty happenin consignment store scene. Now a consignment store is a tad different flavor of thrift store. A consignment store is more along the lines of an antique mall, with different sellers staging their goods and the store taking a cut of the sale. Today I visited Elaine's Closet, which specializes in ladies clothing and accessories.    

 The store had fun, campy decorations throughout.

 I really loved this pelican-dude and I want him to hold all my jewelry.

This was brooch heaven! They were organized by type (flowers, animals, and bugs!) and by color.

Elaine's Closet is definitely the place to go for big, sparkly jewelry. I saw some fantastic "POWER BROOCHES" that had to weigh nearly a pound and rhinestone-encrusted costume pieces that would make your eyeballs melt from all the bling. The clothing selection was decent, and they even had a small plus-size section. However, the prices of jewelry were about retail prices, so you're looking at about a $20-a piece minimum. The prices on clothing seemed to be a little better, but truthfully I was too distracted by sparkly things to notice. I was a little disappointed in the lack of purses though! And scarves! But they more than make up for it with the jewelry selection.

I'm excited to further explore the consignment store scene. I believe there's about 3 more awesome ones in the Little Rock area. The benefit seems to be a more focused, easier to slog through shop. The downside seems to be the retail pricing. But that's how it goes in the work of junk. You pay more to have someone do the pickin for you!

Stay tuned for: Favorite finds! Makeup nonsense! 

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