Saturday, March 26, 2011


Well, that's what my Granny says.

Today is my Granny's birthday, which she shares with none other than Leonard Nimoy (who's awesome at 80). She's 81. Granny is in the hospital tonight, having undergone her 5th major surgery to combat issues related to colon cancer. Granny is tough as nails. She laid carpet for a living as a young person and raised through-bred race horses. Her colon cancer moved in to her lungs in the early 2000's. The mortality rate for everything Granny has been through is high and Granny has suffered immensely- but I am so, so glad she is still here with me. It is an honor to help care for her.

This is Granny back in 2009 at Christmas:

I am sharing my Granny with you today for 2 reasons:

1.) Children, please don't smoke. Being old can be hard enough as it is, if you're lucky to live as long as Granny has. Smoking makes it harder and arguably yuckier. I know everyone knows that one person who lived to be 90 and smoked 3 packs a day... But trust me, they would have lived to be 91 if they didn't smoke. It's not worth it. It has cost Granny a lot.

2.) I got Granny this gorgeous milk glass chicken for her birthday at an estate sale. It opens up. :)

Granny likes chickens. Though, I'm not sure how she still likes chickens, after harvesting eggs from them from the time she could walk until she was a grown-ass woman. But she likes chickens.

 Happy Birthday Granny! I love you!

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