Friday, June 24, 2011


**Edit 06/26 5:58pm** Well y'all, I just assumed the pinkie pie looks were voted down and came up with something different. Have a gander!

Hey guys! I am super pumped about the season 4 premier of True Blood this Sunday. To celebrate, I'll do what I always do... super sick makeup! I know I've been ON the makeup thing a lot, but it's good for me! For one, I have A LOT of fun makeups stashed and need to use that shit! For two, I love the artistry and impermanence of makeup. Crafting at your craft is usually a good thing to do.

So, makeup + True Blood! (<- Clicky the link to check out a fun new True Blood collection by Tarte!) I've decided to lighten up a bit since most of my steppin out looks are dark. Since the new season has a lot to do with Sookie and the fae, I'm going to attempt a fairy inspired look. For this look, I immediately thought PINK and GLITTER and GLOWY YELLOW! Here's what I've come up with.

Option #1:

(face chart)

Option #2:
(face chart)

(I added some yellow on the outer corner.)


These looks are my takes on Linda Mason's work from her fabulous book, Eye Candy. #1 is called "Urban Poet" (pg. 93) and #2 is "Punky" (pg. 61). Further plans are to accentuate the area around the eye with lots'o'glitters and do a mad lavender-ish lip.

Now, if you please, HELP ME OUT!

**Edit 06/26 8:12am** Well my poll keeps popping in and out, not sure why, but I'll go with a different poll widget next time! Jeez...that's annoying. Anyways! Tell me in the comments which look you like better! Or neither! Or both! :D

Do you have watch parties? What sorts of shenanigans do you put on in celebration of excellent television? Tell me in the comments and don't forget to VOTE! :D

Option #2 on the right, #1 on the left!


  1. Huey and I both like Option 1 but he couldn't vote cuz I had already done so.

  2. I think I executed #1 better (fairly close to the face chart), but I love the little dots of color (like in the center of the eye) on the other look. That's a really cool thing Linda Mason came up with!