Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sara's makin: WHOOPIE

PIES, you nasty thing you...

Today is my eternal beloved's 24th birthday. To find an appropriate sweetie thing with which to celebrate, I, of course, turned to Pinterest. A search for "cupcake" lead to this recipe for Nutella cupcakes. Matt <3's Nutella, so this was a perfect idea.


Following the trail the pin lead, I found this lovely and user-friendly blog called My Baking Addiction. I wanted cute matchy-matchy cupcake wrappers and whatnot, so I ventured to the bar-code fearing Hobby Lobby. There I found this whoopie pie pan and that made me go, "Hmmmm"...

So that's when I decided that I was gonna squish these suckers down into whoopie pies!

Now the cake recipe is pretty simple as Ducan Hines Fudgey Chocolate in a box did most of the leg-work. I added some fine ground sea salt for pizazz and a little Nutella just to say it was in there. I kinda had to guess how long my little cakes needed to bake, but 18 minutes at 350 seemed to do the trick. I followed the Nutella Buttercream Frosting recipe from My Baking Addiction using heavy cream and WOAH MOMMA!

#1. If you're fancy and have a Kitchenaid, it should be a cinch. But otherwise be prepared to work them arms! That 2lbs of powdered sugar is brutal.
#2. It makes a veritable shit-ton. I have enough left over after icing a dozen whoopie pies to do an entire cake.
#3. It tastes fucking amazing.
#4. These are very bad for you.

The end result!

The chocolate cake kinda makes me think of hamburger patties... ANYWAYS!

Whoopie pies are great because: you don't have to necessarily worry about your icing being all flawless looking, they're better for people in the cake camp versus the icing camp, they cool down fairly quickly, and it's fun to say WHOOPIE PIE!

I also added a layer of Nutella in the middle (with the icing... I told you these were BAD) and Nutella is actually great on cake. It doesn't pull or anything! The fact that Nutella and cake go together so well should convince everyone of the fact that, contrary to popular belief, this shit is not a health food. BUT IT IS DAMN TASTY!

Happy Birthday Lovey!

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