Monday, August 1, 2011


It's monthly gift time; where I share the haps both on and off the interwebs. Woot!

+New blogs I've found and enjoyed:
Vintage-pink-bathroom-lovin lovelies Eartha Kitsch and Betty Crafter have it goin on! Go check them out and tell them the clowns sent you!

+My favorite post this month:
I'm really pleased with this outfit and all my fab makeup finds from e.l.f.!

+Movies I've watched:
-Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (:*> Although, I believe I like Part 1 better).
-Crazy, Stupid, Love (pleasantly surprised! It's like a sillier, American version of Love Actually).

Been on a total horror kick for the past week! You can watch the MoH series on the IMDB!

-Paranormal Activity 2 (Boo. Hopefully the third one will be better...)
-Masters of Horror Series: Jenifer (fun and oddly sexy? I'll watch anything Mick Garris makes).
-Masters of Horror Series: Right to Die (really liked this one! The special effects were pretty rad!)
-Trick 'r Treat (Anna Paquin before True Blood! This is one of those pieces that looked a lot better on paper than it does on film.)

+Creepiest Clown
This one wins, hands down.
Thumbs up, yous guys...

+YouTube videos that made me teehee:

This makes me laugh like a crazy person EVERY TIME!

Gaga lent "Teeth" to Shark Week! I AM SO HAPPY!

Summer's Eve lost their damn minds. Not even gonna talk about the ethnic talking vulva ones...

Re-discovered this song from Pearl Jam. So lovely, even though Eddie Vedder sounds like he's hollering about "SOY BEANS"!

Ok, yes, it's another cat. JUST WATCH IT! *going to my cold place*

Flashback! "A gay boy wished for a planet full of unicorns..."

+Other Required Viewing:
-How much of your favorite energy drink, soda, or caffeinated food would it take to kill you?
 -Little Rock's Haiku Hotel craigslist forums, include gems like this one *ahem* "Oh Emma Watson I would drink your bath water and lick your ass hole" So, yeah, pretty much and endless wasteland of LOLs.
 -Here's what happens when you walk around topless in Central Park for an afternoon. 
 -From the NYT, "Only now have I begun to see that letting go and trusting in the unknown doesn’t have to mean driving off a cliff, that leaps can be leaps of faith." (READ IT, HOLY CRAP!)
+Notable pins:
-Stages of Procrastination (ALMOST DONE WITH MY SUMMER SEMESTER, OMG!)

-Discover your ninja assassin alter-ego, like the 12-year old that I am.

-This is so much fun! Internet, time-murdering sand art!
Source: via Sara on Pinterest

-So going to make this headband. I've been itchin to do some stitchin!
Source: via Sara on Pinterest

+Exciting happenings IRL:
-I'm 25, happee birthday to meeeee!
-I drove all over the state!
-I got a speeding ticket.
-I also have jury duty.
-Hopefully I'm going to acquire new ink at the end of August!

+Relevant Photos:

I discovered Korean food! This is delicious Bibimbap, kinda like stir fry.

Next year for my bday, totally doing an 80's dress bar-crawl. This circus-tent-like-horror is a prime example, though I would have to add some sequins. NLR Saver's has a great selection of prom nightmares.

A bday "RAH!"-face

Matt's sister, Bianca, and I waiting in line for HP epic funtimes!

Bianca conquered this toliet bowl like water slide at Wild River Country.

*NEW* +Big Girls Don't Cry Hotness of the Month:

WHEW! Tell me, what were your totally awesome haps in July? Here's to an awesome and hopefully less hot August! What are you looking forward to?

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  1. Aww! Thanks for the nice shout-out! And tell the clowns that I said "hey y'all".

    Lots of fun stuff to check out here. Those Summers Eve videos freak my freak. I feel sad about Paranormal Activity 2. The first one, I liked. And hell to the yes on the prom dress!