Thursday, December 8, 2011


Welcome to the Seashell-scaped Bathery 

(because bathery sounds fancier than bathroom, that's why)...

I don't know which mirror I like better. This one...
Source: via Anu on Pinterest

or this one!

Love this!
Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

Succulents in a seashell!


Wouldn't these make the most darling gifts?! Super easy to make too!

I just imagine shells like this making a guttural noise like "WAHHHHH!"


I've always wanted one of these!

And, of course, kitschy shit like this strategically shoved into little corners and crannies.

Isn't this the neatest thing?
"Who hasn’t dreamed of a having a view of the ocean from their bathtub? With the Bath Palette My Ocean, now even the most landlocked among us can enjoy the soothing rhythms of the waves. The Bath Palette contains 9 blue LED lights that recreate the rippling, relaxing feel of the ocean in your own bathroom."

I saved the best for last of course, the dreamy tub and shower!

How could you not feel like a mermaid?
Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Dream tub! The stairs OMG!

Ahhhh... I can almost hear the waves crashing...

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