Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sara says: COME IN, COME IN

Why hello there! Just to take a break from the holiday insanity, I thought I would start a super fun blog series, like Sara's Junktique Rainbow of Funtimes. This series is called... *drumroll*

So basically, I'm going to take you through my dream house room by room. It's not a dream MANSION because it is based in reality... somewhat. In my dream house, you will find decor inspiration and craft ideas galore. I'll curate the rooms based on my own photographs, stuff I love on Pinterest, and various vintage/modern/reclaimed treasures. Ya know, the stuff that makes a house cozy and gives it character. EEEE! I'm so exicited!

This will be the homepost so that you can navigate through all of the "rooms". Just click on the image that says "Sara's Dream House" to come back here!

See below my dream front door.

Well, come in! Welcome!

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

..::Look Around::..

Seashell-scaped Bathery

The Neon Jesus Vestibule

The Aviary (part 1)

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