Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sara's Junktique Rainbow of Funtimes: ORANGE

For part two of my week-long, prismatic extravaganza, I bring you some outlandish oranges!

Just a lil' piece of Japanese china hanging on the wall. I look for odd, colorful pieces when I'm junkin. Hopefully one day, I'll have a beautiful wall mosaic!

A vintage plastic jack-o-lantern. Ok, see, what had happened was, I randomly bought a GIANT garbage bag full of plastic jack-o-lanterns for a dollar at an estate sale. I envision that I'll make a pumpkin luminary lining my driveway for Halloween this year. Now, when I see an odd plastic jack-o-lantern, I buy him! I love vintage Halloween decorations, but they are typically pretty pricey. This is my way of making up for it, LOL. My spousal equivalent is thoroughly pleased about it, let me tell ya...
This is a portion of another Kafka etching I have (see RED and this CTC for others). The tigers really sold it for me.

 Daher tin trays of the western and eastern persuasion.

Another one of my tins, and I don't believe this one has a maker's mark (off the top of my head). This is probably my oldest one and it survived a fire, apparently. It has scorch marks around the bottom which I think adds a ton of character. It's also the only one I have with a little latch opening.

A Daher tin tray in the background and one of my best finds ever! It had a picture of Kinsey from a local paper tucked inside! I'm still on the look out for "Sexual Behavior in the Human Female", but that study was more controversial and the masses were somewhat disillusioned with Kinsey and co. at that point. As such, it's more difficult to find and is pretty pricey on eBay.

A sweet potholder I got at a lovely estate and an antique pitcher that has been handed down in my family.

Finally, a fabulous piece of stitchin. It's only about 6"x6", but look at the level of detail! On the back it says, "Happy Birthday to Mary, Oct. 7, 1980. From Sarah L."


Stay Tuned For: YELLOW!

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