Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sara's Junktique Rainbow of Funtimes: RED

For the inaugural post, I present to you a collection of ravishing reds!

I have a thing for birds. I have birds all over the house (owls, swans, peacocks, chickens, everything!) But cardinals, in particular, remind me of my Granny and my home state. They nest everywhere and my Granny had one living in her backyard that she would hand feed. *sigh*

Not a good quality photo, but it's the only side-by-side I have. These are two different pieces of stitchery with the same subject and very similar patterns. The one on the right I picked up at DIY estate state (not done by a company) for $4. The one on the left I got at a sale in Roy Dudley's shop for $40. Kinda funny, huh? It's behind glass, but both were professionally framed locally. You can find patterns for sale for the one on the right, if you Google it hard enough.

Now what we have here is a super-special Kafka Screened Etching which I also blogged about here (a different one though, the linky is to a CTC- the one that looks like a deranged Kate Bush). You'll meet another one of these tomorrow in ORANGE. They look amazing in natural sunlight!

A red-lipped amputee mermaid (thrifted, maybe I'll make her a limb someday) with some besequined cherries. I have a collection of sparkle-fruits I got at an estate sale. The sequins were lovingly, painstakingly applied to some wax fruit with straight pins.

Peacock table runner. Beaded and velvety. One of my favorite things ever.

Some of my favorite fancy tins!

A program with some really cute images. I love burlesque in any capacity.

I love this color palette. A lovely hankie.

A pin that says, "NEVER GIVE UP". I have no idea where it came from or what it means (the symbol in particular), but I like it! I've been working on expanding my brooch/pin collection. I love anything kitschy, or to do with critters, or trades. This seems to fall in that nurse/firefighter/armed forces/trade category.

Self-explanatory and adorable. You guard that gum!

An apron with a sassy winky lady. Handmade by either my Granny or her mother.

 Dresser scarf, also handmade by my Granny or her mother. I believe Granny crocheted the edging.

That's all for today! Thanks for indulging my OCD tendencies.

Stay tuned for: ORANGE!

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