Sunday, November 6, 2011


OH. EM. GEE YOU GUYS! Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away. That's some real conversation for your ass! 2 weeks!

I've still been crocheting and playing with string like a mad woman. Maybe I'm stressed? Jacked up on the endless lattes I pour into my face? Who knows?! The point is, since this post, I've completed a pair of mittens (I made a pattern myself!), 2 hats, a leaf, a sugar skull, and now this dude - just in time for Thanksgivoweenmas! Hopefully I can keep up the momentum to make stuff for Christmas. AHHH!


Ignore the 800 dollar's worth of nursing school text books in the background.

Yes, I have a turkey hanging from my chandelier. Fun! You can nab the pattern over at Bitter Sweet. I didn't follow the pattern exactly, but I like how Turkey Lurkey ended up. This pattern could totally be an ami peacock too. Squee!

And check out the aforementioned crocheted leaves!

Here's some more Fall-ish ideas that are next on the agenda.

A sweet little cardinal. I think I'm gonna make one for my Granny's Xmas gift.

A grown-up size pumpkin beanie for me!

I'll try to take pictures of the rest of my hooking adventures this week. Is there any crafting you like to do in the Fall/Winter? Any recipes you're trying out for Turkey Day? I wanna know!

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