Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sara ponders what to do with: PAINT CHIPS

I love paint chips for a myriad of reasons.
#1. They're colorful.  Yep.
#2. They're free (how much money do you pay for ONE piece of cardstock at the crafty store?).
#3. It's easy to make wonderful things out of them!

I'll see a gorgeous color, like this, and be all "Damn I love that, but I would never put that on a wall..." But I can still grab my little paint chip, repurpose it, and love it forever. Just don't be afraid to look like a lunatic grabbing 1,000 paint chips at one time. If anyone says anything just be all, "I'M INDECISIVE, OK!?" and clutch your paint chips defensively.

I found me some great paint chip inspiration on Pinterest, of course.

There's all these fucking bikers in Little Rock; I can barely drive down the street sometimes. Least you could pretty it up a bit.
Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Bookmarks! How cute is that?!

Seriously, how adorable! Has wonderful bunting implications, no?

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

High Art.
Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Even Higher Art

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Screw painting, just put the damn things on the wall!



A gorgeous wreath!

PLACEMATS! This may be my favorite!

Clearly the possibilities are endless!

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