Saturday, May 7, 2011


Attempting to be an adult and clean house.

Spring has been in the air for some time on my little bit of the planet. This may inspire some people to air out the dust bunnies... unless perhaps your dust bunnies look like this:


But take heart! I have scoured the Pinterest for some, can it even be possible, FUN and EASY cleaning tricks. Lookit!

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Genius! Take little plastic bread closer thingies and label cords.

I hate to love bar soaps. They smell amazing and often have luxe ingredients, but feel disgusting after the first use. This is a great recipe and yields a ton of hand soap! Literally all you need is some glycerin and your favorite bar soap.

Make your own dryer sheets! Take your favorite liquid fabric softener and soak an old hand towel or flour cloth completely with it. Wring it out and let it dry completely, then throw it in with your next load. This mega-fabric softener sheet should be good for at least 40 loads of laundry, stretching out softener use and lessening waste.

Oh good lord, yes! A non-evil oven cleaner using baking soda, vinegar, and Dr. Bronner's castile soap (which I love anyways and use on many a thing) from ReadyMade! You have to check out the before and after pics!

I am crazy about this idea, because who doesn't have some ratty old towels lying around just begging to be turned into something awesome? And it's super easy, hardly any craftiness required!

Makeup geeks like myself have been using magnetized palettes for some time. However, if you have the makeup stash of a sane person, this is a fantastic way to keep your stuff off the counter!

Feeling like polishing the silver? Try this! "Aluminum Foil, Boiling Water, Baking Soda and Salt: Keep your sterling shined with this seemingly magic method. Line your sink or a bucket with aluminum foil, and drop in tarnished silver. Pour in boiling water, a cup of baking soda and a dash of salt. Let sit for a few minutes. The tarnish will transfer from the silver to the foil."

Storage glee! Repurpose paper towel and toilet paper rolls into storage for unruly extension cords.

Love this idea! Use a old drawer or knickknack holder, screw in some thingies, and VIOLA! Gorgeous jewelry organization!

DIY oil lamps! I see endless pretty bottle possibilities! Would also make a great gift!

Just a few ideas to perk some interest and get ya started, I hope! Also, I cannot highly recommend Ms. Linda "The Queen of Clean" Cobb enough! I picked up one of her books when I first got my own place and it is complete genius. Makes green and sensible cleaning seem effortless. From her I learned some very basic cleaning tips which can be summed up thusly: You don't need all that poisonous, expensive shit. All you need, basically, is: Borax, white vinegar, baking soda, a microfiber cloth, and 20 minutes a day-ish. DONE!

I also love Real Simple. And they do it in 15 minutes with these handy cheat sheets!  I find that jobs seem bigger than they really are. Set yourself a little 15-20 minute cleaning time and you'll be surprised how much gets done.

Although baking soda + citrus +/- vinegar do a spanking job, sometimes I just like stuff. For cleaning stuff, I turn to Method, which I love (and they're eco-friendly). The spearmint bathroom cleaning line and their hand soap is a total win for me!

You can also find tons of free printable to-do lists, chore lists, and schedules- for you Type A people out there (my favorites come with MS Office Suite in Word! Just look under Templates!) 

More tips and tricks are welcome! Have any of these worked for you? What's your clean routine?

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  1. I love these ideas! Especially the magnetic makeup thing...I'm starting on that tonight.