Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sara says: WHY SO SERIOUS?

Why hello there. I'm not dead! I'm still here! It's just finals crunch time. I have some great post ideas in my little brain and new places to adventure to on the agenda. Hope this finds you well. If not, well then pull up a chair or a bottle if you're so inclined... It's that time again!

This feller comes to you from Twin City Antique Mall in North Little Rock. He's on hard times, apparently.  He's perfect because, at the moment, my region of the country has a perpetual hell-storm goin on.

 (There's totally a Leonard Nimoy book in the background...) Lookit the hopeless gesticulation!

Kinda gives ya the sniffles, doesn't it?

So if you're feeling sad, just remember... this guy. Hope you had a swell weekend.

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