Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sara says: SOLD!

So yesterday I went to my first estate and consignment auction; which was hosted by The Good Stuff Auction here in Little Rock. In the past, I've been skeptical because I envisioned auctions being mostly for big-ticket items or that I would surely be outbid (being a poor college student and dealing with mostly, let's face it, 70's kitsch and whimsy). My lovely Aunt Cindy convinced me to come with her and I am so glad I did!

Wooden, retro wall clock (battery operated).
Won for $2.
Sweet, yellow, plug-in wall clock.
Won for $2.
An Arcadia self-illuminating stereo viewer (aka a View Master for grownups). I didn't win the lot of slides to go with it unfortunately, but I just love that swanky brown/cream color!
Won for $4.
Lot (vat really, LOL) of cake decorating plastic flotsam, patterns, and a couple of instruction books. Wait till you see that "old-couple" piece in the middle!
Won for $5.
This piece was in the cake decorating lot, but it's actually a bank. The front side says "BEFORE" and the back says "AFTER". Isn't that adorable?!?!
Green floral glass candy dish. From where I was sitting I thought it was a clover, but I like that it's a flower just as well I think.
Won for $3.
Set of German painted stoneware(?) plates. Signed by the artist on the back. So sweet! The one on the left is a little girl with a mustache-lookin nose. The one on the right is a gingerbread-lookin married couple on a pony. TEEHEE!
Set won for $5.
Detail of the larger plate with the little married couple
Detail of the (mustachioed) girlie with flowers and braided hair.

This is my favorite piece. I was just on pins and needles hoping I would win it! It's a Napcoware soap dish with a little golden mermaid baby on it! Squee!
Won for $7.50.

 I learned a lot about junkin at auctions and will definitely go again!

Things Pickers/Junkers/Hoarders/Collectors/All You Fine People Should Know About Auctions

-There is a certain time commitment if you want to watch the whole thing. We were there for about 6 hours. However, if you're patient, the crowd will thin out and you have a better chance of winning!

-Learn the auctioneer lingo so you know how much you're spending. Is it a lot? Is it just for first choice of a lot?

-Bring something to eat!

-Make sure the auction house takes a form of payment you have. Are they cash, check, or credit only?

-If it's a big auction and you want to hurry the hell up and try to buy an item, just ask! They'll probably do yours next.

-Have fun! :)

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