Monday, May 9, 2011


Despicable Me joke, anyone?

Unicorns, I love them! (<-- I like the part where she says, "Unicorns, I love them.")

Well, I just had myself a rainbowtastic morning at the Goodwill! BEHOLD!

My local Goodwill has just become THE unicorn hangout spot, apparently. And EVERYTHING I GOT HAS A RAINBOW ON IT, OH EM GEE!

Why yes that is a unicorn hugging a boy... this may just be my favorite find ever. It was .50 cents. I love it so much. LOOK AT THEM! AAAAHHH!

He has holes in his back to... hold stuff? Makeup brushes, knitting needles? I love him and I will make good use of him. Also .50 cents!

A wee corny baby. Also, .50 cents!

A record! I just wanted the cover really. I think I could add some stitching to it and make it look even more colorful and ah-mazing.

I'm such a child, I know. But GAH! Love. Love. LOVE! And there were MORE unicorns to be had, but I had to be choosey. I also happen to have a ceramic figurine of a red bull. So, I think I'm gonna arrange all my unicorns around him... Last Unicorn. Get it? Best move ever! :)

Y'all have a magical week!

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  1. YAAAAY UNiCORNS! the baby one's my favorite (: