Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Hello fellow string-lovers! I told you I've been crocheting like fiery hell and I wasn't joking! Take a gander at my crazy-fun gifts I worked up for Christmas. (The pattern for Mr. Cardinal can be found here!)

Matt's step-mum, Laura, looking contemplative in a custom crochet necklace I made. The colors are crazy vibrant, acid green and jeweled turquoise. I also made the button earrings previously and really had no idea how well the necklace would match!
Bunny in a carrot that I made for Matt's grandmother, who kind of collects bunnies. He's huge, because I used a 6mm hook. The pattern can be found here, in the adorable book Amigurumi Toy Box. I did change the look of Mr. Bunny a bit, as well as the top of the carrot (custom leaves FTW!)

Now for Matt's siblings, I made berets and caps. The pattern is AMAZING and can be found here (for free!) This is Bianca, in a green/yellow/bluey number. She has a little amiguruimi corn (yes, like an ear of corn, like the vegetable) on the side - kind of an inside joke. The colors go well with her lovely hair!
The corn is custom, but you can find a 3-dimensional ami corn here.
This is Cameron, in a red/turquoise hat. This is the best picture I could get as he immediately retired to video game land after opening presents, LOL. He has a Mexican skull bead atop his hat.
This is Marie, in a turquoise/sky blue, gray beret. Sorry the pictures are fuzzy, they have a huge front window and the sun was bright! But I am in love with Debbie Stoller's Bamboo Ewe yarn!
Stitching detail on Marie's hat. I happened to use the same colors a friend used to make a lovely skirt. Check out K's boardwalk skirt here! I may try to make one myself this spring! :D
Matt's brother Zeke in his skully cap. His has a color wheel theme with matching stone skulls on top.

This is the lovely India wearing the same beret pattern. Love it! And that's one of my favorite colors! She's totally rocking her beret in the coffee shop!

This is my friend Zach. This is my friend Zach's nut sack. No really. Don't be dirty! Or be dirty, I don't care. I borrowed the idea from Gleeful Things and worked the acorns up from Planet June. I made the sack myself. Teehee!

This is a hat pattern I really dig that I made for some friends! It takes one ball of super bulky yarn and is really comfy. Here's Matt modeling a bright kelly green version with a his cube cow!

Cube cow is completely custom (GO ME!) and I think she has the sweetest little face.
The hat pattern can be found here! Just 13 rounds! My hero!

Last, but not least is a Kindle-cozy for Mum. I <3 the button on the front so hard- it has a faint faux bois pattern! This is also a custom pattern. Now I have to make another one since Santa brought me a Kindle Fire!

Sorry that long blog post is long, but I am kinda proud of my significantly leveled up crochet skills. Looking at everything I made (in the course of about a month) makes me feel like I did something productive! Or close to it!

And now I'm gearing up to start on spring projects. Already got a Twinkie Chan cupcake scarf half-way done!

What's your 2012 crafty goals? Did you hand-make epic Christmas gifts? I wanna see!

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