Saturday, January 14, 2012


Nothing wrong with a little sadness reprieve, right? I have some makeup geekery that I hope you will enjoy. It's a pretty amazing look I have never done before!

Check out my practice spots!

Wait, what... are those 5 little leopard spots on my eye?!

Why yes indeed! I drew them on with pencils, so they aren't super crisp, but I still think the intended effect comes through. In the future, I think I'll try to use a brush and gel liners.

The base look is a light smokey purple, so the overall color scheme was black/gold/purple. Super fun!

Fierce jungle cat face!

You can probably also see that my hairline is a bit stained. That's because I found my holy grail of unbleached hair manic panic combinations! Which means, Hot Hot Pink and Purple Haze look badass together on my unbleached hair - though the pink stains pretty intensely. More on that later though!

What about you, lovelies? You got a fun, haute couture fantasy look you're dying to try? Tell Sara all about it!

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