Monday, January 16, 2012

Sara says: YUM YUM!

Hello there, lovely internet peoples! I'm happy to report that my "Cupcake-a-Day" project was a complete success! I've finished making a rather comfy scarf and a completely fun hat.

Check out part 1 here to see the beginning stages of my post-holiday crochet-a-thon.

Here's the remaining cupcakes before I stitched them together. They are loosely based on Twinkie Chan's cupcake pattern. By loosely, I mean, I pretty much free-handed these while watching The Big Lebowski. The result was some funky and fancy-free cupcakes, if I do say so myself.

Now, check out the hat! It's straight from Twinkie Chan's book. I love the colors but I had some issues with the pattern; which probably has more to do with me being an eager, but often slack, crochet neophyte than the pattern itself. In the future, I'd probably make this hat bigger and with sexier yarn. 

Notice the strawberry on top of the hat! That was a last minute, "fuck it"- type decision that turned out amazing. The strawberry is completely free-handed with no pattern! Go me! I loved it so much, I've taken to making a mess of loosey strawberries. Haven't decided what to do with them yet.

This is the part where you make a suggestion! What should a do with my strawberries?!

And I hope you have an amazing day! :D

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  1. ah! the strawberry is my favorites part. I also looove the teal frosting cupcake. i think strawberries would be cute as the togs on a drawstring, like on a capelet or a little bag or something. I might need to do that. Super cute stitchin!