Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Says says: OMG!

OMG, you guys! I need to organize my jewelry. No seriously, look.

Hot mess.

I'm thinking I need something that lays flat because a lot of my pieces are big and heavy. Having them hang damages the closure hardware over time (i.e. makes it all loosey and that's no good). But, ya know, style and functionality would be nice too.

Let's see what we can see, shall we?

Here we have a basic drawer organizer *snore*. But I LOVE the idea of using a little silicone ice-cube or baking thingie to hold earrings and other tiny things.

This is a bit more my style and would give me something to hunt for when I'm junkin! Mixed and matched saucers, cups, and bowls.

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Could do this with an old pastry stand. I like it, I like it!

Now this one is hangy, but I love this idea too! You could take an old drawer from a piece of junky furniture, paint it, put some pretty scrapbook paper in the back and VOILA!

I think I like the pastry stand option the best! As a bonus, I'll repurpose my necklace holder into a scarf/hankie holder! They're too pretty to keep in a drawer.

How do you organize your pretties to keep them from being a tangled mess?

Or how do you WISH you organized your tangled mess?


  1. It's so ungirly but I've been saving up for one of those huge red rolling toolboxes - the kind with all of the flat drawers - to put my jewelry in.